Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Script and Scribble

So I told you a few times to expect a book review. you can see from the cover (or maybe not) I read a book on handwriting. I was a little leery of this book only because I thought it would be pretty boring. I mean...its basically the history of handwriting. BUT I was pleasantly surprised.

I never knew that there was such a history to handwriting. My generation was taught cursive in school...but by the time I was in late elementary early middle school...we were typing everything up. So I didn't have an actual penmanship class. (A fact that makes me a bit sad.)

And thus if Handwriting interests you, I highly recommend this book. And for those who haven't seen is my handwriting.

As you can lack of a handwriting course shows in my cursive. Which is why I usually write in "print".

Anyway, time to write some letters! Hope everyone is staying cool!


  1. I wish I would have had a penmanship class as well! I've been writing in journals since I was young and decided that would be where I practiced my cursive. It's amazing to see how much it has improved over the years. But when I write to my friends, they prefer that I print so they can read it better :(

  2. Fascinating subject. I can see how it would be interesting. I once read "The Mother Tongue" about the history of the English language and was likewise blown away.

    We have letters written by my great-great grandfather, filled with what we would consider grammatical errors today, but with penmanship that would do credit to a founding father.

    In grammar school, I learned "the Palmer Method" of penmanship (which never took into consideration people who were left handed, as I am). How it seems more people print than handwrite.

    I may have to buy that book...

  3. I have been all over this topic lately! My bf substitute teaches, and informed me that the subject of cursive has been dropped from the curriculum, which greatly alarmed me. There are kids who won't be able to read something written in cursive, never mind write in cursive...illegibly or beautifully. :(

  4. I highly recommend the book. I have actually added it to my "if I can find one cheap enough buy it" list!

    Just think Chewy, our grandchildren will be awesome cause we will teach them cursive and it will be like a "code" for them. Haha