Thursday, June 30, 2011

USPS Everywhere Locator

So, going out on a limb I would say that a lot of the people who read this blog are in the USA and send mail on a regular or semi-regular basis. Now you may know where the nearest post office is located, but say you were on vacation. What then? With our nice little blue boxes seemingly disappearing it is always handy to be able to find the nearest mailing location (cause sometimes you can mail things from drug stores these days).

Well, the USPS has a map that will tell you just that! The USPS Everywhere Locator map asks you to punch in a city or zip code...then it will show you a map of all the nearby locations based on the information you have given. So for instance...

Now..I live just off to the right side of that map...but you can see that Streetsboro's PO is just closer to me. The blue pin (as you can see below) represents an actual US Post Office, whereas the red pins represent places where there are other postal services available.

So once you click on a can see all the available services. So for instance, the Streetsboro Post Office allows you to buy stamps and supplies as well as mail letters and packages or get a post office box. This PO does not however, allow you to submit passports, buy cards/stationery, nor does it have a self service postal machine. Pretty neat huh?

I apologize for the small size of the photos. For better clarity I suggest you try it for yourself by clicking the link above. And for those followers or casual readers in other you postal services have similar maps?

**Canada Post has a map as well.

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