Tuesday, June 28, 2011

YAY! Mail for Canada!

As many of you may know already Canada's mail service is back up and running. Which means the United States issued a statement saying they will start accepting mail headed to Canada again! This means that all our lovely penpals in Canada can feel the joy we get from sending/receiving mail!

So if you know someone in Canada..even if not find someone and send them some happy mail!!

Perhaps one of these envies are destined for Canada...we shall see. =)


  1. Hey Misty! A thousand and two thanks for the little rubber ducky! YOU are some kind of wonderful. I showed it to m favorite postal clerk, and she's was blown away by your creativity. I was taken with your stealth. :) I am still grinning. Her name is Sam, and her place of honor will be the desk where I write.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Canadian mail. I still have Julie's letter that was refused. Am glad the post office didn't cancel the stamp. I'll see that it goes out tomorrow.

    Your art is beautiful. Any Canadian will be delighted to have a signed Misty work of artistic communication. Americans are for sure. :)

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed about the Canadian postal strike! I wouldn't have known to hold on to my mail for my Canadian pen friends if you hadn't mentioned it and even better thanks to you I know I can now send them out.
    I love you pen and ink envies! Especially the fish...it really has personality.The lucky Canadian recipient will love it I'm sure!
    see you in the mail! elle

  3. Limner- I am so glad that the duckie made it!! I was SOOOO tempted to tell you it was coming but I thought you would enjoy the surprise. And I promise I don't attempt to make you teary with my mail. I just enjoy the fact that you appreciate it.

    Elle- No problem. I thought perhaps not everyone would know that you could send to Canada again. So I figured why not post about it?

  4. Jill- I am so glad it arrived. =)