Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Instead of writing...

I made a little bit of art...

Hope everyone had a great day!!


  1. I had a brilliant Flag Day!! :) A great start to my 32nd year too! I'm starting to work on my letter and envelope for you as well, because when I posted to GMD's blog I didn't realise I wouldn't feel very well over the past weekend! Thankfully, all is better now! Hope your having good mail days and that your postbox is never lonely! Wicked I can leave you notes through here now! Ciao!

  2. Hey, that's nice. Didn't know you were an artist, too. :) You are full of surprises.

    I did a two-part postcard. I sent the answer to the riddle before I sent the riddle. My humor was under-appreciated to say the least. ;)

    Hey to Carter. Tell him the Cowboy Induction Committee is hard at work selecting the best people to become honorary cowboys. He should hear from them soon.



  3. So cool to see you doing a bit of art! Great job on it!!!

  4. I love doing art...sometimes the inspiration doesnt find me. But I like the idea of using multiple envelopes as the canvas..so there will probably be more of these coming soon. =)