Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank Yous From Carter

Carter wrote out some thank you notes today to the people who have sent him mail. Then he decorated the envelopes with stickers and stuck them in the mailbox.

On another note I am almost caught up on my mail! Yay! Keep your eyes on the mailbox.


  1. aww how sweet of him :)
    What kind of things does he like?

  2. Carter the Great has heart. And great writing etiquette. You've taught him well. :) He's lucky to have you in his life.

    Your and Carter's mail came. I want to scan the flower prints and share on my blog very soon. I like the envelope. The flower stickers match the stamp. LOL! It's all so sweet. Will you thank Carter for me? And a 1001 thanks to you!

    I appreciate your good hope for me, Misty. My doctor says she's gonna get my arm fixed first. :) She gave me a referral to one of the best "shoulder men" in Houston.


    Hard hugs!