Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Post Of Randomness...

I have been dreadfully bad at keeping track of incoming and outgoing mail this past I decided that today being June 1st I would start once again recording it in my little notebook. So far, so good. Carter got a bit of mail today from Kelly P. (He hasnt opened it yet, but something tells me he will love it. In a postcard addressed to me she said that it is a skateboard!!) And the second bit of mail was from Superhero. He sent me some of his French Homework mail art. Very cool stuff. (hopefully pictures soon).

Next order of business is to tell you about the create your own stationery site that the National Postal Museum has up. Basically you can create custom stationery based on a few different sets of icons they have available. Then print it off yourself. Pretty cool. A quick shoutout to 365 Letters Blog cause that is where I found this information. If you haven't checked out that blog already, I highly recommend it.

If you arent a member of the International Union of Mail Artists, you should click that link and join! It is super simple. It is also a great way to find out about mail calls. There is literally something for everyone. I like to describe it as a facebook for Mail Artists. =)

And something completely unrelated to mail/writing letters, June is National Blog Posting Month. Each day in the month of June there will be a topic given and all bloggers have to do is answer the questions. And thus, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try to do it.

**Are you a fan of a sports team? When did you become a fan?**

Um, I would say that I am a fan. I tend to follow sports for various reasons. I love watching Rugby. Probably because my brother and a few friends play the sport. I also like to watch hockey. That second one surprised me because I didn't realize this until just 2 years ago. So as for teams, I root for Old Gold Rugby, out of Boston, MA for which my brother plays, and the NHL team the Pittsburgh Penguins. =)

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  1. i can't believe you just compared iuoma to facebook!

    and if any of you join iuoma, friend me and send me zombies!!!