Monday, June 27, 2011

Outgoing Mail

So I typically don't post pictures of the outgoing mail. For a few reasons...the biggest of which is that I am lazy. The other is mainly that a lot of the people I send mail to...follow the blog. So...I know from experience I always enjoy a good surprise! (And I just cannot seem to get in the habit of snapping the pics before I put the addresses on!)

But alas here are some photos:


And backside of a postcard (that I thoroughly expect to get ripped to shreds in the postal machines).

Then an add + pass:

Placed in this envelope...

And now..I shall go see if I cannot write some more mail to send out. =)


  1. These are amazing!!!!! I hope the don't get ripped to shreds!

  2. How awesome! You are so talented. I hope nothing gets damaged. It would be such a shame if it did. You are amazing, and I love your style.

  3. I love love love your mail art and yes I agree with the limner you are talented. Cheers and hope you get my letter soon.