Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Official

The United States Post Office will no longer accept outgoing mail that is destined to Canada. That goes into effect tomorrow. SO to all my lovely penpals/postcard pals up North...hopefully the strike ends soon!! I am definitely feeling for you, I know how sad I get on no mail days..


To those who sent out an entry into the giveaway. I had 6 entries and the winner was randomly selected by my good buddy Carter. So the winner is....

So I will be mailing out packets to everyone who entered tomorrow. =) Congrats!


  1. What!?! I am so out of the loop! I guess I will have to hold on to my outgoing postcard to BC.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about Canada. I know I have at least 2 letters in my outgoing pile that I will need to hold on to...sigh for the people of Canada...

  3. I know!! Its sad isnt it?

    I almost didn't post it because it has been a few days since they decided that they stop accepting Canadian bound mail. But then I thought...not everyone reads strange news sites like me. And it also hasnt been on the news that I have seen.

  4. I was dearly heartbroken about this myself! :( I was in the process of finishing up letters and posting them out when I received the news! I had to send a group note to my Canadian friends letting them know I'd just learnt the news, how bad I feel about it, and how the timing just bites! :( Thankfully, they are slowly getting my emails and are understanding! Some were writing me too, and said, Oohh great! Now when can we mail each other!? I even checked into alternative mail services (ie: Fedex, DHL, UPS) all of which I had no clue depends on each country's mail system! :( :( Sighs. Thanks for your post, but I was also told by a friend to go to Those riots in Vancouver clearly went supernova! :(

    Just found this link, might help your friends too?