Monday, June 20, 2011

Post Office Visit!

I finally made it to the post office this morning before work. As I mentioned yesterday I had quite a bit of things to mail off.

First was an odd request to mail a gigantic rubber duck.

I've not tried mailing odd objects there yet, so I decided to try it out on the rubber duck. Then I had a ton of postcards that were already stamped but needed to be mailed so I dropped them off instead of making my mail lady carry them with her. Then I had the packages for the giveaway. It would have looked like this (minus the duck) if I had stuffed it all into the box.

BUT..those aren't my picture because I actually forgot my cell phone at home. I was totally bummed and debated about waiting until tomorrow to mail..but I wanted it all to go out today. SO...if the recipient of the duck reads this...and finds it in their heart to snap a picture and email it..that would be awesome!

I thought the mail clerk would think that I was nuts, but he said that the oddest thing he's ever been asked to mail was a coconut. That would be an odd one wouldn't it?

SO..all told..after paying postage on the duck, the giveaway packages and buying much needed stamps...I spent just shy of $50. CRAZY! I do believe that is the most at one time on postage. =)


  1. Misty, you are one of the sweetest, kindest, most talented, generous, thoughtful, creative pen thieves I've ever had the privilege of corresponding with! You made me cry! You made me smile, and grin, and LOL for real. You made me forget how much I hurt. Such joy you have given me. I cannot describe how I feel. I am rarely at a loss for words.

    Thanks from the depths of my full, brimming, spilling over heart. I admired your art work--thinking "Wow, the person who gets one of those is lucky." Who knew they were all for one person . . . ME? Dang! I'm crying again, just writing about it.

    Thank you so much!

    I heart you!

  2. Aha! the pen thief strikes again making yet ANOTHER person smile and grin and LOL for real!
    sincerely yours,
    the Rubber Duckie recipient,
    photo to follow--
    you Rock girl!
    and thank you

  3. Can't wait to see the photo of the giant Rubber Duckie. I'm curious to know the reactions of each postal worker that had to handle it!

  4. Wonderful Limner- I am glad that you enjoyed the envelopes. As I think I said I somehow knew they were destined for you. And thus I am glad they were appreciated. =)

    RubberDuckChick- I am glad that it made you laugh! I found it at a thrift store (I washed it the best I could before sending) and knew I had to send it to you.

    May- I believe you are a new commenter! YAY!! I will be sure to post the pictures as soon as I get them.