Tuesday, November 22, 2011

48 Years Ago Today...

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas.
Stamp Released: May 29, 1964

He is thought to still be atop the list of best presidents (by public opinion polls). He was the youngest person ever elected into office, and at the time succeeded the oldest president (Eisenhower). However, today the oldest president who served in office was Ronald Reagan.

I was not alive (or even thought of) when President Kennedy was in office, and as such, I was not alive when he was shot. Though I must admit, I am strangely fascinated by his death. I suppose that may not be uncommon as there is a bit of mystery and (dare I say) conspiracy surrounding his assassination. I won't go into further details, though I thought I would share that little bit with you.


  1. I was celebrating my 6th birthday this day 48 years ago. I remember the moms all crying and we were in the middle of a game where our moms hid one shoe and we had to find it. Some kids went home with only one shoe and we had a collection of single shoes for weeks afterwards.

  2. I don't mean this as a criticism but the President was assassinated not just shot. You can be shot and still live. In this case he was murdered. Ronald Reagan was shot and he lived.
    It was a truly unforgettable day and a horrible time for the nation. It was all played out in the media including the shooting of Oswald by Ruby and the heartbreaking funeral. It left a scar on anyone's mind who was old enough to realize what had happened.
    Only 9/11 has had a similar effect. Another unforgettable day. Another scar.
    And unfortunately I remember all these events quite vividly.