Monday, November 14, 2011

Cup Mail

I have another object to add to the list of mail that did not come in an envelope or box...
A cup! And not just any cup..but a Halloween themed cup! Or..well..vampires. Close enough right? many people can say they have been mailed a "naked" cup?
It did arrive in less than perfect condition, but I tell adds character. I am shocked they still delivered it. Either neat? Limner knows how to make me smile. all make me smile.

It makes me giggle inside (and out loud sometimes too) when people step outside the "boxed" in world of mail. This is actually the topic of my first zine. But more about that in a post to be coming up. =)


  1. Wow. It sure took its sweet time getting there, huh? Wonder why, and how it was broken. It was meant to be spooky "loving" cup for you and yours, for Halloween. ;) Shades of Twilight. Ha-ha.

    The alternative was a zombie cup. :D

  2. Actually, I think it came in on Wednesday of last week. I went ahead and wrote a bunch of posts this past weekend so that I didn't really have to worry about it this week. And I must has been nice. Makes catching up on my mail much easier. =)