Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time With Family

I love the holidays! It is not because they mean good err...better/ more food..or because there are presents. I love the holidays because it is the time of year when I spend the most time with family. My brother is still here from Boston, though tonight he is visiting friends, and the rest of the family is watching a movie so I decided to sneak some internet time (I had no post scheduled for today).

How were your Thanksgivings? Well I hope. =)

Most of my family (myself included) caught a stomach flu. But the interesting thing was that it affected us each in different ways. So my father had the vomiting variety, while my mother and I just had sour stomachs and headaches. So this week has been interesting. My father was sick the beginning of the week. I was sick the day before Thanksgiving, and my mother was sick from Thanksgiving morning til today. How rotten right?

Otherwise it was lovely seeing everyone. I really do think it is a shame that we only celebrate being thankful once a year. I can find things each day to be thankful for. What are you thankful for?

And on a side note..if you are curious..I haven't written any letters this week. Which means I am crazy behind! I am going to work on some tomorrow though my guess is I wont really get any written until Monday evening. 


  1. Inside my letter I talk about what I'm grateful for in my life even if I didn't exactly list it out. Therefore, the one thing that I may or may not have been more focused to say is that I'm quite thankful for the patience of old and new friends. People that I have a great deal of respect for and want to see my friendship grow with them, but with the knowledge that my year didn't unfold to be a bounty of postal bliss.

    Thankfulness for everything,
    but each time a kindness of a friend reaches you, it makes everything expand into something even more remarkable than before.

    Your sunshine friend.

  2. You're lucky that your mail is routed through Akron/Canton, because mine goes through Cleveland and I have no idea what their deal is lately. I've received a handful of mail back "ANK" in the past 2 months. The crazy thing is, it takes like...6 weeks to go to Cleveland, get lost and come back to me. At which point I put that envelope in a new one and send it back out, SAME address, and it gets there the second time. WHAT THE HECK! So many people are thinking I forgot about them, I'm confused, and weeks later I get my letter back. Seriously frustrating. I came on here to ask if you've had any issues and then I remembered seeing the postmark on your mail.

    Anyway....Hiiiii Misty, just thought I'd rant. I haven't done so in a while!

  3. it by chance that you are sending to a post office box? I have heard accounts of some post offices sending back letters and such that sit in boxes for extended periods of time. Otherwise that is just strange.

    I was going to ask if the address was obstructed at all..but usually you are pretty good about writing it clearly. Maybe you should go to your post office and ask them whats up? Haha. I would be upset because then it costs you more in postage! Ugh.

    I don't even have any ideas of what to do to help that problem. =| I hope that it gets better though!

  4. well, thankful we didn't get sick. Hope Christmas is a healthy one for you and your family.

  5. Sorry to hear y'all were sick. I trust you're all feeling better now. I had a nice Thanksgiving at my aunt's house with all my family. It was the first one my husband and I had been able to attend in years and years. I'll admit, I brought paper and pen with me to her house in case I caught some down time for letter writing! I didn't, but I did spend some quality time with a nice creamy brie and some crackers. : )

  6. Goodness. And here I'd been imagining you all having the best time ever. I am so sorry you all were ill. At least you were to together, which is small comfort, but sometimes any comfort feels like a blessing. :)

    Be well.