Monday, November 7, 2011

Holiday Mail Deadlines

The USPS has released the deadlines for all mail outgoing before the Christmas holiday. (It is never too early to think about this.)

Rather than copy the whole post, I will give the domestic deadlines, and you can look here for all the rest.

First Class- December 20
Priority Mail- December 21
Express Mail- December 22
Parcel Post- December 15
DNDC Drop Ship- December 19
DDU Drop Ship- December 22

DNDC stands for Destination Network Distribution Center. I couldn't quickly locate what DDU stands for..any help would be appreciated.

If anyone is curious..all the holiday packages I have to mail are being mailed out before the end of November. Mainly because December gets a bit crazy here...and I don't want my packages to get lost among the mess of holiday goodness. =)

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