Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun Mail!

Look at this fun postcard from Kelly P.! This is probably the most crummy picture ever! It really doesn't do it justice. Carter joked that I had gotten a piece of cookie monster in the mail. And in a does look vaguely like that adorable cookie lover...
Then another round mail from Mad Madge. I just love the mixed media approach.
And as always there is a nice bit of inspiration on the front..or back..or..well..there is always inspiration! Haha.

What kind of fun mail have you gotten recently?


  1. I got a cookie monster card from Kelly P too -- and instead of finding it in my mailbox I found it lying on the sidewalk in front of my house - on a Sunday - do you think the cookie monster bite the letter carrier?

  2. Haha. That is funny! Though I am sad that your mail ended up on the ground. =( Perhaps your letter carrier smelled like cookies??

  3. I love the circle mail. Makes me want to be more creative.

  4. I know! Aren't they neat? I would love to create a circular envelope at some point. I think that would be neat..even though it would cost more. =)