Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special Cancellation: 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

The West Point post office will be offering a special cancellation on December 7, 2011 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bombing on Pearl Harbor. If you are interested in getting this cancellation you need to send your already stamped mail inside of a larger envelope to this address:

West Point Post Office
C/O Postmaster
634 Swift Rd
West Point, NY 10996

I usually include a post-it letting them know that I am looking for the special postmark.

This time around I will be sending envelopes with this stamp on them:

I thought it was rather fitting. =)


  1. Wow, thanks for posting. I think this will be a great postmark for the Christmas cards we send to older family members who lived through WWII. And for a friend who has a son attending West Point right now. :-) Are there any photos showing what the postmark will look like though? I bought cards the day after Xmas last year & most came with red envelopes. *sigh* I'll probably have to buy white envelopes for the postmark to show.

  2. So close to home! One of my best friends and my roommate before I moved out here is a sax player for the US Army Jazz band @ West Point. I've spent my summers there for the outdoor concert series for years. WP was in my backyard! Gahhh. When we move back to NY, I insist that you come for a visit and you can check the place out yourself! Got me all nostalgic today Misty :p

  3. Jan- I cannot locate any pictures yet..but I did some more research and found out that it will depict a WWII helmet and a rifle with bayonet affixed. Sounds like it will be neat. I would think that the cancel will be done in black, which should show up pretty well. Then again..they could pull a fast one and use Army green... Perhaps you could just put a larger white label over the red envelopes? The cancels are typically around 2 inches high and 4 inches long. Some are smaller..but I do not recall seeing any that were larger. I would just hate to see your red envelopes go to waste...then again you could always use them for other mail too. =)

    Ashley- I will certainly do that! I have so many places I want to see..the list is growing by the day! I actually was being recruited by WP when I was in high school. And to think...I chose a liberal arts college.. Haha.