Friday, February 4, 2011

U.S. Suspends mail service to Egypt

The U.S. Postal Service suspended international mail headed to Egypt. They cited that there is lack of transportation and thus the mail simply cannot be delivered. Any mail received after today that is headed to Egypt will be held at the post office. Any mail that was already enroute will be held at international post offices until the mail can be forwarded on to Egypt.

This is a quote from the USPS Communications website. "Egypt Post has advised UPU member countries that it has not been able to provide postal services since Jan. 25. This situation will continue until security conditions have returned to normal. Egypt Post will assume no liability during this period regarding damages or inquiries concerning mail items in the UPU international network (parcels, letters and EMS). Egypt Post will inform other UPU designated operators when the situation returns to normal."

Anyone out there sending anything to Egypt? I haven't since well before the unrest there started. Hopefully everything will get resolved in a civilized manner.

Have a great weekend all!!

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  1. It's very helpful to USA and Egypt people to send their mail each with others. Very helpful post. I love it. Postal services is very helpful service to us for busy life.