Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Ending on a Positive Note

Some of my followers are already in 2012 and shortly everyone reading this will be as well. I have nothing bad to say about 2011. Sure there were disappointments (getting turned down for multiple jobs...) but there is always a positive spin (getting a new job right before Christmas).

And while this blog isn't a year old (just yet) I do feel like I need to say something about it. I started this blog on a whim. Basically it was Brad telling me that if I liked reading everyone else's blogs..that I should start my own. I am pretty sure in that moment I rolled my eyes. Honestly, I could have never imagined that I would meet so many wonderful people. I started this blog with one follower...Brad. At the time of writing this, I have 121 visible followers and I would guess there are quite a few who aren't visible. Just knowing that people (like you) enjoy reading what I have to write makes it all worth it. It is not always easy to find a topic to write on, and it is not always practical for me to sit down every night and write something. But I try my best to bring new content on a regular (ish) basis.

Now, I am not a superstitious person and I don't really believe in making New Years Resolutions, but there are a few things that I hope to accomplish in the new year ahead.

    *I want to take a serious look at Etsy. Maybe offer some stamp jewelry or ornaments, or decorated envelopes. I just know that I should give it a try.
    *I want to host more giveaways or contests. Something to make it interactive for everyone who reads.
    *I would love to add a historical spin to my blog. Maybe taking a post every now and again and seriously learn something about the postal service. ( I love learning so why not learn about something that I love to do?)
    *I plan on doing some more reviews, both commissioned and not. I always plan to tell you whether I got the products for free and I promise to give a fair and honest review. I will also never review something on the blog that doesn't somehow fit into letter writing (I personally hate when people do something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the theme of their blog). And of course..there wont be so many that the blog turns into a reviewing blog
    *I am going to have a running contest for each new stamp that is released in the US. I am still working on how to word everything and most importantly whether (and what) a prize will be given. I also want to think of a way for international readers to get in on the action. I will post more details on this tomorrow (hopefully).
    *Probably one of the biggest goals I have, is to completely record all my mail this year. What this means is that each envelope, postcard, box, object, etc. that comes into my mailbox will get documented in pictures. I am not sure if I will post all of them to the blog. Someone suggested setting up a I may look into that. Regardless, there will be some pictures taken each day and occasionally posted to the blog. Not only that, but I will be recording each piece in a mail log (if anyone is interested I will post how I have mine set up). is the biggest goal (and the one I think I will utterly fail at) I would like to scan every card, or letter I send so that I have a record of the words I have sent. I think it will make it easier, and really neat to look back through and read whole conversations.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head. Other than staying caught up in my mail (which is a no brainer). Do you make your own little resolutions? Or have plans for the New Year? If so, tell me about them. And if anyone has any suggestions to help the blog or just in general, I would love to hear them. =)

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!


  1. I copy my letters to send before sending them, so that I have the whole conversation! It helps to keep me from repeating a story I've already told and boring the person I'm writing to! I'm excited to see how your goals come about in the new year! And congrats on so many followers so quickly. I know I love reading your posts on... well, post. LOL Happy New Year to you, dearie!

  2. Your blog is awesome and I look forward to reading your posts. I'd love to see how you set up your mail log. That would be great! A happy, healthy New Year to you!

  3. I loved the part about writing blog. That's why I started mine too! I am glad you found so many people who like to read your posts. I wish I could have that many. :D I think we should be happy of what we have and do not complain about stuff that other people have. Just simply live our lifes and everything will be fine. :)
    Wish you all the best in 2012!

  4. I'd be very interested about how you put together your mail log! :) I just can't find a good way to register everything.

    Good luck on all of your goals for 2012!

  5. I love that you wrote your goals out and that you ended the year on a good note, staying positive is always a good thing! :) I hope 2012 is magical for you and that you get to accomplish all you plan to and more! Glad I stumbled upon your lovely the title of it!

    Liesl :)

  6. Jenny- Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog too! I am definitely going to start copying my outgoing mail. Though I think I will scan it..that way I am more "green". =)

    Chrissy- Thank you for your kind words. I will be writing up a post for this week on how I set it up. Today being a postal holiday means I have no incoming or outgoing mail. haha

    Ania- Thank you! I completely agree. We should be happier with what we have instead of upset by the things we do not have. PS..I am your newest follower, I love your background!

    Deirdre- I will be posting on this soon. Granted I am not sure if it will keep me marking it down. But we won't know until we try right?

    Liesl- Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate the kind words. I see no point in looking back on the year with any regrets or negativity. Generally if you do, then you will be hindered in your journey to be successful in the new year. I enjoyed looking at your blogs and webpage. Keep up the good work! You definitely seem like a positive person, so it is no doubt to me that you will continue to do great things in life. =)

  7. Happy New Year Misty!

    Heidi aka lolastar

  8. I second what Deidre said. I have a letter log but am not happy with it so looking for a better way of tracking the mail I send and receive. I'll be curious to see what kind of log/record system you decide on as well as what you come up with for scanning or copying the letters you send. I tried scanning my outgoing for awhile so I'd remember what I'd written to people but it was inconvenient (computer & letter writing are in different rooms) but keeping paper copies on file would take up too much room. It's a dilemma. ;)

  9. A big "thank you" to Brad for encouraging you to blog. Looking forward to more fun from you in 2012!

  10. Good luck with all of your goals! They sound great to me!

  11. Thanks everyone! I will be posting the letter log tonight! =)