Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Had you heard of this story? A 78 year old lady accidentally swallowed a felt tip pen 25 years ago. The crazy thing is, when they x-rayed her before they said it wasn't in there. However, they recently found it when she was being diagnosed with some stomach issues.

They said the pen did not cause the stomach issues, but I think it probably wasn't helping the situation. The craziest part of this whole thing... is that the pen actually WROTE! Imagine that as a business slogan. "Pen-Thief Brand Pens. So strong stomach acid is no match!"

Have you heard of anything like this before?


  1. Wow! I just can't even imagine how that even happened... I wonder if they were able to figure out when she swallowed it... maybe it was at a wild party. haha

  2. Actually, she said that she was standing on stairs and trying to poke a spot on her tonsils with the felt tip pen. Then she slipped and swallowed the pen.

    The doctors also said that she is lucky it was a felt tip, because a ball point pen that was swallowed would have likely torn a whole in the stomach lining allowing the bacteria to get in the rest of the body. Then again, a ball point has more metal parts that would have shown up on the x-ray 25 years ago. Haha

  3. I think she did it on a dare. How can someone accidentally swallow anything that long and rigid? The average person has trouble swallowing a large pill. The tonsils are on the sides, at the back of the throat. Oh, never mind. LOL.

    Misty, thanks for the gift. I want to shake the box, but I run past the tree instead. It's the only gift under our tree, but it sure makes it look like Christmas here. :) JC did the tree again this year.

    I have one other gift, but it's much smaller, and just the size Minuet likes to "accidentally" steal. ;) Thank you, dear Anna!

  4. I find it hard to believe that she swallowed it too. Though I guess she noticed that she had done it. However because of the lack of metal parts her doctors thought she was silly at the time it happened. Which would be why it was never removed.

    You are very welcome for the gift. Be warned it may make you cry. Hopefully happy tears. Oh and you can shake the box and it should be fine. Also, feel free to open it at any time. :)

  5. Goodness, no! It's for Christmas. :) Will take a photo tomorrow when there's natural light. Aw, girl, sometimes I cry like a teething baby. Okay, I don't holler, I weep. Like today. I got an amazing letter from someone, and read it in the post office parking lot. Happy tears, happy tears! Tears are good things. They keep the ducts clean. ;) Can you imagine how stale tears might taste? Ick! Like the Dead Sea, maybe? :)

    Time for TCM. Goodnight.

  6. Oh! I forgot what we were talking about. :) That silly woman. No one in their right mind touches a tonsil with a pen. Somebody left her gate open! :D Sorry. Sometimes I gotta say certain things or burst. I wanted to say "bust" but looked down and said, "Nah." So I changed it.

    Carrabba's makes the best desserts. I had a brownie with chocolate mousse layers, and chocolate syrup drizzle for dessert. It's a necessary vitamin: Vitamin C. Sugar makes me hyper. :) But I still need chocolate every 28 days.


  7. Oh my your dessert sounds delicious!! I am highly jealous. Then again everyone has been bringing us dessert to the library. Yesterday some nice lady (who was interviewing for another position at my current library) brought us cookies. I exclaimed that she was hired on the spot based on baking skills. She smiled..and the cookies were delicious. Strange thing..I didn't even get her name.

    Got another box from you today, though I didn't open it yet. I figured even though there was no warning it might be for Christmas. So I shall wait to open it. The ruler arrived and I love it. =) You are so clever.

  8. Who tries to poke her tonsils with a pen?? That's just wrong! What an amazing x-ray, and such a crazy story.

  9. Andria- I had poked mine one time to see if the white on them was infection or just mucous. However, I certainly didn't to it with a pen (I used my finger) and I wasn't standing on the stairs song it. Some people are just silly!