Saturday, December 10, 2011

70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Postmark

Alan D. was nice enough to send me an email with the scan above attached. How awesome is that postmark? I definitely think it is worth sending out for. If you are interested, send your already stamped mail (inside another envelope) to:

West Point Post Office
C/O Postmaster
Pearl Harbor cancellation
634 Swift Road
West Point, NY 10996

I couldn't find anywhere online that specifically said so, but generally special cancellations are available for 30 days after the event they were created for.

Thanks for sharing Alan!


  1. Hi Misty,

    thank you for displaying my envelope along with the Postmark I designed for the 70th anniversary of remembering the events at Pearl Harbor. Offical USPS policy is you can request a postmark up to 30 days from the date the postmark comes out. I spoke to the Postmaster and she said they expect a lot of requests as they have gotten a lot of news stories about it. So please send in your requests but expect it will take some time as it it the holiday season and this Post Office is on the U.S. Military Academy at West Point NY. Glad to hear you like the postmark I have designed over 25, lookinf foward to reading what others think about

    Alan D

  2. It is a good looking cancellation and the folks that apply it are taking the time to do it with care. I got mine the other day. Thanks for the heads up on the availability of this one. I sent for one coming from Pearl Harbor as well.