Friday, December 23, 2011

Postal Limbo

Ever had a package mailed to you, only for it to get lost in postal limbo? I did. Once in college a friend of mine studied in Japan. He sent me a package around Christmas time, but I never got it. Luckily he came home for Christmas that year and apologized for the goof. He didn't want me to think he forgot. When he went back to Japan he re-mailed a box to me (which I got) and all was well. Incase you are wondering..I have never gotten the other box.

However, one lady in Florida just received a Christmas present from last year. Her daughter mailed it in a flat rate priority box and decided to forgo the insurance (I always do delivery confirmation or insurance when it is a gift). The package got lost in postal limbo, only to show up 371 days late! It always amazes me when I hear things like this and wonder if some day a letter or package will arrive to me like that. One that has been traveling far longer than it should have.

Ever gotten a letter that was lost in postal limbo? If so, I would like to hear about your experience.


  1. This post and last are so fun.
    Merry Christmas.
    I hope Santa is good to you this year!

  2. Thank you Jill. I hope that Santa is good to you and the girls. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I wish I could remember the exact timing of my supposed lost mail being received by a friend, but I know its between 2 and 3 months. I thought for sure all was lost, until the say my friend emailed me and said, "Guess what showed up?" I have another interesting story about how two friends have a friendship that weathered extreme circumstances that affected the mail delivery and reunited after three years. I might share it with you sometime in a letter.

  4. That is awesome that the mail finally did arrive. I just love stories like that. It is like taking delayed gratification to the most extreme extent. Haha.