Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jose Ferrer Stamp

Better late than never right? The postal service announced the other day that Jose Ferrer will be the next American to be featured on a postage stamp in their Distinguished Americans series.

Jose is a well known actor and director of film and theatre productions. According to his wikipedia page he is also the first Hispanic actor to win an Academy Award. (Learn something new everyday!)

An oil painting by Daniel Adel was used for the artwork on this stamp. The painting's reference material is actually a photograph taken of Ferrer.


  1. Isn't he Miquel Ferrer's father!? Miquel was Dr. Macy on Crossing Jordan, and is related to George Clooney, through Rosemary. I've always liked Miquel's acting. I should pick up some of these stamps! Thanks for the news!

  2. To Ms. or Mr. Anonymous You ask if Miguel is Jose Ferrer's father. NO. Jose Ferrer was Miguel's father. I know this for a fact as I am Jose's first child by an earlier marrage.

  3. Thank you to both the anon writers!!

    To the second one, thank you for stopping by the blog, and answering the question. =)