Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Class Tracer

The USPS announced today that they will start marketing a product called First Class Tracer in a limited market soon. For a small fee you can buy barcodes and add them to your letters/postcards or even *gasp* mail-art! The barcode allows the postal employees to scan it and give you tracking information. You could then access the tracking information on the postal services website.

After reading the submission to the Postal Regulatory Commission it appears that they will be offering the FCT in around 50 post offices in and near the DC metropolitan area. They will be most likely found in areas that already sell the gift cards and other merchandise.

So my question to you is...would you use the First Class Tracer?

** I would use this..cause I think it would be fun to see how many stops my letters make before they reach their destination. Also, I secretly hope that someone reading this blog finds these in their post office..buys a couple..and sends me a piece of mail with one on it. Cause that would be too cool for words.**


  1. I'm lucky if I get to the post office to buy stamps. I have tracked packages on the U.S. post office web site. Can you place a tracker on a person? that could be fun!

  2. Hey I'll be down in DC again this May - remid me to pick up a few and I'll send one your way!

  3. The tracking currently in use by the postal service is a complete joke. picked up delivered (if lucky) not showing transit points. If this is any better I would be surprised.

  4. Jill- That would be funny!! I would put a tracer on my dog! =P

    Becky- Thank you! I will try to remind you.

    Derrick- I have never tried to track a package that I have sent...I usually opt for the insurance instead.

  5. That is so kool! And they are cheap, too! I am going to use it! ;)

  6. I would use this and so would tons of people who sell on ebay that send sports cards, stamps and other items out via first class letter. Currently, we have no protection if buyers say that they never received item. Also, new Top Rated seller rules will require tracking of shipments.