Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cha-cha-cha changes....

with the USPS delivery guarantees. They are scheduled to announce on Monday that they will be limiting the next day delivery guarantees for first class mail. This of course will depend on where you are sending your mail from, and where the destination is.

My guess is if you live closer to one of the sorting facilities, and your destination is nearby ( like me sending mail to Ms. Ashley...40 mins away)..the mail may still arrive next day.

You can read the whole article I read here.

So my question to all of you is...will this affect you?


  1. Sigh. No. But it's just another way of the P.O. limiting services and hoping that will make us all want to use it more.

  2. Me neither. I'm off the beaten path, but I am all done with Christmas mailings, so I have no deadlines to worry about.

  3. Last week I mailed a large box from western PA to MA, went out Wed. afternoon got there Friday morning. I was impressed.

  4. Bev- I completely agree! How crazy is their business plan?

    Stuffellaneous- I WISH I was done with my holiday mailings..but sadly I haven't really started. *sigh*...I will get there.

    Jill- Sometimes I mail packages to my Brother in Boston...they will get there in 3 days...then other times it takes them a week or more. Makes me wonder what happens to the package in the meantime.