Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Used Postage Stamps

Have you ever looked in your stash and noticed that you have way too many used postage stamps? I know that I have from time to time. Granted I use a lot of old stamps to make jewelry, cover boxes and make postcards out of. However, if you are less inclined to make something with your used stamps there are a number of helpful ways you can use them.

Stamps for the Wounded is an organization that collects stamps for wounded soldiers. Soaking the stamps off the paper and cataloging them into their own collections gives them something to take their minds off their injuries. If you are interested in donating stamps, you can clip them off the envelopes leaving a quarter inch around the stamp. (This will allow the soldiers to soak the stamps off themselves). Then package the stamps up in an envelope and send it to:

Stamps for the Wounded
P.O. Box 297
Dunn Loring, VA 22027

Boy or Girl Scouts of America use the stamps to help the scouts meet their merit badge requirements. Same rules apply, the stamps need to be clipped from envelope with about a quarter inch left. As for where to send them...I recommend donating local. =)

Foxborough Regional Charter School in Foxboro, Massachusetts has been collecting stamps for almost 3.5 years now. Their mission, to collect 11 million stamps. They want to collect one stamp for each soul that was lost in the Holocaust. It is a lofty goal, but what a great cause. Check out the neat mosaic that they created.

If you are interested in sending stamps to the Foxborough RCS then you can send the stamps here:

Holocaust Stamp Project
Foxborough Regional Charter School
131 Central Street, Foxboro, MA 02035

All of these places are excellent ways to get rid of used postage stamps. Why toss the used stamps when you can send them to a good home?


  1. That is so cool! I might send some stamps to the Foxborough Regional Charter School. A friend gave us a ton of stamps, way more than I could probably ever use, so this would be something good to do with them!

  2. Have you seen the documentary called Paperclips? The mission of the Foxboro school shoulds similar. ANd Paperclips is a terrific education on the holocaust.

  3. Olivia- I am glad you enjoyed this post! =)

    Becky- I have seen that documentary! I am extremely fascinated by the Holocaust...(sounds more awful than it is I promise), so if there is a documentary about it..I have probably seen it.

  4. Oh misty thanks you so much for posting this and while in the process of throughly cleaning my home I came across a sandwich bag full of used stamps . I have now cleaned my whole condo from top to bottom .I had to re home my birds because of this virus that i contracted .I will write you and tell you more in a note card or letter .

  5. You are so welcome! I am sorry to hear that you had to relocate the birds though. =( I hope you are getting to feeling better soon!

  6. This is a wonderful idea and a very worthy cause!

  7. Our Church up to this year, collected stamps..
    Suddenly, the box is no longer in the church, so I have been trying to figure out what to do with the stamps I collect..
    Thanks for all the ideas, I will probably send to the soldiers organization !
    Happy New Year

  8. Anne- I am glad you found this post useful. I try to post things like this when I find them because you never know who may have a stash laying around. This way they go to a good cause instead of into the trash. =)

  9. Thank you to anyone who has donated stamps to the Holocaust Stamps Project! With your help the memories of 1.5 million children, known to have been killed in the Holocaust, have been honored by as many stamps having been colected. but there are 9.5 MILLION more whose lives deserve to be stamp at a time. PLEASE SEND STAMPS FROM YOUR HOLIDAY MAIL TO:Holocaust Stamps Project, FRCS, 131 Central St., Foxboro,MA 02035 see the website,

    Thanks! Charlotte:)

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