Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Delicious Mail

Look what came today! (Carter got one too).

In case you were wondering...it was delicious! I will have to look for it at the market. =)


  1. LOL! It made it! Talk about surprised? The mail clerks are always cautioning me about mailing such small items. Did the bread die? :( My sister got the couscous. LOL! Now she wants a recipe. Did Carter get his???

    Glad you like it.

  2. They made it safe and sound! And like I said...they were SUPER tasty. Carter told me he doesn't want hot cocoa until it snows..and well...it hasn't done that here yet. So until then..it will wait.

    Wait..did you mail the bread here? If so..I haven't seen it yet. No matter who you sent it to..I sure hope it arrives safely. =)

  3. Carter has his habits, too. Good for him. :) Uh oh. I think the bread was tossed. It was an artisanal loaf, so no preservatives. LOL Am willing to be a loaf of plain white Italian would have made it. Hopefully the PO threw it out. Note to self: Butter the bread next time!