Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2012 Stamp Preview: Day 7

Christmas in July, indeed! Day seven of the preview brings us these charming Santa Claus stamps. Now to be honest, I am not a super huge fan of these stamps. I much prefer the realistic looking stamps to the more cartoonish ones. But think of these stamps being used on a letter to Santa himself. Yup that would be worth buying some.

"Though his roots go much further back, the modern Santa Claus, the giver of gifts, captured the American imagination in the Revolutionary War era. At that time, understandably critical of English traditions, people looked to the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas for cultural cues and seasonal inspiration. Since then, Santa has become more popular, and is today beloved by millions of children who write him letters, track his progress on the Internet, and leave him milk and cookies as tokens of their esteem."

I copied the above directly from Beyond the Perf because well...I couldn't think of anyway to say it better. The stamps were designed by artist Paul Rogers and art director Howard Paine.

So, tell me...do you like these stamps??


  1. oh, and my favorite santa myth is the swiss one, where he takes the naughty kids to the dark forest and throws them into the river!!!

  2. I love, love, love this setenant! And I don't even celebrate Christmas! I'm going to find reasons to mail stuff that costs $1.76 (or whatever first class postage is in winter 2012 ... if we still have USPS, that is) so I can use ALL of the stamps.

  3. Superhero- I have never heard that myth before, but that is funny!

    Postmuse- I know of a few fun things you could mail for that rate. A frisbee, large glasses, and a rubber duck are just a few. =)

  4. from Wikipedia:

    In Switzerland, where he is called Schmutzli, he threatens to put badly behaved children in a sack and bring them away to the dark forest. In other accounts he throws the sack into the river, drowning the naughty children.

  5. i think it explains what is really in the back of his sleigh!

  6. These are great...and right now...some winter weather would be welcomed!!