Friday, July 22, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 5

Day five brings us Bicycling. Bicycling is one of the most popular outdoor activities and Americans enjoy 2.5 million bicycle rides a year! How crazy is that? Bike riding is so popular that it was featured in the "Go Green" collection of stamps that released this year.

The bicycle was first introduced in the 1900's and the first chain driven bike was produced around 1885. Which means..that they are slowly approaching 126 years old! How insane is that??

Personally, I am not a huge fan of these stamps. I think it has to do with the colors. I was never much of a fan of the southwestern color palette which is what these stamps remind me of. Though I do enjoy the image of a child learning to ride with training wheels.

Do you have any fond memories of riding your bike?


  1. Woah, there's a NEW stamp EVERY day???

    For real??

  2. Well, it is a preview of all the stamps that will be released next year in the US. That would be insane if they released a new one each 365 days. Think of how much mail you would need to send to use them all!!

    We release somewhere around 25-30 different stamps a year here, so there will be a few more weeks of reveals. Now comes the hard part...waiting for next year to come so I can use those stamps!