Sunday, July 3, 2011

No New Adventures

So I had no new adventures today. I worked on putting my postcards into the plastic sheets that I mentioned in yesterday's post. I have caught up on blog posts and such, so I think I am good to go.

Tonight brought a trip to Walmart though. And seems as though I can never really stay out of the pen/paper/stationery aisles. So while Brad looking at computer stuff, I spent some time in the pen aisle. I have been wanting to try the Sharpie pens because they claim there won't be much bleed through depending on the paper. SO..I bought a package and figured I would put them to the test.

Then I turned around getting ready to go find Brad when I saw the clearance pens. Talk about a grin.. I ended up selecting two pens to try. The first set is made by Pilot and they are actually 86% recycled material...what materials you may ask...well...water bottles! How neat is that. Take a look at the Pilot B2P:

The other pens I selected out of the clearance was the Bic Triumph 730R. They seemed like something interesting to why not?

So how about some writing samples?

Well the Sharpie pen is different. It seems to me to be almost like a pen/marker hybrid. And maybe that was their point. I think I will enjoy using this one to address mail..but probably not writing any letters.

The Pilot B2P was very nice. A fluid ink, but not overly runny. I like the way that they body of the pen feels in my hand. It is just around the perfect thickness for my short stubby hands.

I actually have a few complaints with the Bic pen. The ink is very fluid. In fact it is almost too fluid at times. And for someone like me who writes pretty fast (and not in cursive) this could prove to be an issue when writing letters. The second complaint doesn't actually have anything to do with the way the pen operates..but more on how the body is designed. The end of the pen is tapered. Not a huge problem right? Until you try to stick the cap on. To me the fitting isn't snug enough.

You didn't think I had forgotten the bleed through factor did you??

Now the picture may be a little deceiving. The bleed through wasn't bad on any of them, except the Bic Triumph. I certainly wouldn't be writing on the opposite side of the paper with that one, unless the paper weight was a bit higher. Like I said..the Sharpie pen works, but is definitely not my choice to write letters with.

Have you tried any new pens lately?


  1. Hi Misty. I received your comment in my blog, thank you for taking time. I would love to send you something :) I actually sent you a postcard late March in return for the vintage V-day card you gave me. I'm afraid you didn't receive the postcard but no worries, I'm going to prepare you another one.

    As for new pens, I did buy one with an ink that's erasable. The pen has a built-in eraser. I really like it because I tend to make mistakes when I write on a postcard or paper. It's a Pilot Frixion pen. I should look out for the Pilot B2P in the stores here next time. I like the way you described it.

  2. I'm actually pretty addicted to the Sharpie pens. They're my current pen of choice for writing letters. I agree that they're like a cross between a pen and a marker.

  3. Hiiiii Misty!!!

    1] Just wanted to tell you that your blogs over the last few days have kept me on the edge of my seat with excitement! Seriously too much for my little heart to handle with all this pen, paper, postcard, adventure, and letter-y goodness.

    2] Keep your eyes peeled for mail in a day or so! Last week was so busy and I've been kicking myself in the butt for not returning you a letter within a day or so of getting yours.

    3] We've actually been looking for postcards around here lately and I think its funny; when you're on vacation or out of town, obviously you find places to buy postcards, however when you're looking for them in your own backyard, sometimes you don't know where to go!

    4] Also wanted to mention how great those Pilot Frixion pens are, as mentioned above! Knowing you to be the pen queen and all, I'm sure you've already tried them but maybe others could appreciate the explanation of their greatness. These little babies are nothing like those old crappy erasable pens. First off, they write smoothly and very fluidly, no dragging and making deep lines in your paper. The "eraser" is actually a nub of rubber that uses actual friction (much like the name suggests, albeit its creative spelling...ahem...good marketing) to erase the ink. This means no wearing down of the eraser, and no little pieces of eraser left behind on your paper. The best part is that when its erased, there is little to no evidence that anything had been written in the first place! I tried it on a receipt and was shocked to see no ink, no lines, no tearing, no anything! Cooler yet, Pilot makes erasable highlighters with the same formula!!!

    Okay, I'll give back the comments now, sorry for the hijack. :] This is actually the second time I typed all this out, last night during my first attempt, my internet got funny when I hit "Post Comment" and I lost the whole thing. grrr.

    Thanks for such an awesome blog to read, can't wait for some more back and forth mail with ya. Nothing like that happy pain when you see something hand written in your mailbox (and so nice to know others appreciate it too!!!!)

  4. I like the Sharpie pens they write nice and thin. I tend to write in block print with them and not cursive.

    It did take me a bit to get used to the cross between a marker and pen tip.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on pens, I like your comparisons.

  5. I love hearing all YOUR opinions on pens too!! I always like suggestions as to what to use. And after using the Sharpie pen a little more..I am enjoying it.

    Ashley- Thanks for reading and complimenting the blog! Also, no worries about taking a few days to get a response back to me. I am a very patient letter writer. I actually have the Frixion pen! I love it. Thank you so much for the explanation of their greatness!! I enjoyed reading that. Also, no worries about hijacking my comments...feel free to do so whenever the mood strikes. =)

    Sandy- I tend to print as well. (Just never got the hang of cursive). After using it a bit more..I am getting more used to it. Perhaps I will write a letter using it soon.