Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Awesome Flea Market Adventure of 2011

So it appears that I have been having a lot of adventures as of late...but really it was just a good weekend for it. =)

So today Brad and I headed out to the Hartville Flea Market. It is basically one of the larger flea markets around and also includes a nice indoor marketplace. To get there we have to travel into a fairly rural area.

Lots of nice open fields and some wonderful barns as well. You've gotta just love areas like that. I mean...I have farmers fields around my house as well...but nothing like the ones that are out that way.

The above picture shows you an aerial view of what the market place looks like. As you can see there is a building in the center and then two arms coming off the one side. Those are basically areas that are underneath the roof...but have no walls..more open air, but good if it is going to rain. Then surrounding those arms are outdoor vendor spaces. 800 of them to be exact. And today was a prime day to visit. It sprinkled before we got there and then rained a bit afterwards. Needless to say we got the rain day specials..and saw a cute duck in the parking lot.

One of the first tables we found was full of boxes labeled..."3 for a dollar"! Oh my goodness..I found such lovely things. I mean how could you not with boxes like these?

Then we found a guy who had a few boxes of postcards. He originally said he would sell the chrome (or newer) postcards for 10cents a piece. Which is an amazing bargain! THEN...after he saw that we were both happy postcard hunters, he offered us a box and told us that we could put some in there and pay $10 for all. he was REALLY speaking our language. And thus we came home with this:

I know that photo is dark, but there are roughly 200 postcards in there. AND it was a mix of linen and chrome cards. Mostly unwritten. Which means some of these lovely cards may end up in a mailbox near you!

(Saving more of the spoils for the end) After we left the flea market we decided to stop in the Toys r' US store to check on some lego figures. But before we did that we had a wonderful post shopping lunch of Penn Station Subs.

Brad's always trying to steal my fries...just kidding! We were actually sharing them. for the rest of the spoils. =)

Lovely lighthouse postcards...4 for $1

Clear postcard protectors (just like the ones I just had Brad order from Amazon (for $5 a piece)..2 dollars a piece at the flea market.

Older postcards...2 for a dollar.

A very nice writing utensil postcard. 50 cents. Too bad it was written on I know two people who would have loved having it arrive in their mailbox. ( Limner and Missive Maven).

I am a sucker for "greetings" cards. And so these Ohio cards suited me just fine. I believe most were a dollar a piece. (Hey sometimes I splurge...)

And other "greetings" from outside of Ohio. =)

Even more "greetings" and some art cards as well. Most of these came in that $10 box of cards.

Being July 4th weekend...why not pick up a few patriotic cards?

Some paper goodies from the 3 for a dollar boxes.

Some old keys...a lighter..and a...

Heinz pickle pin!! I had one...a newer one from a visit Brad and I took to Grove City, PA..but I lost it! So I just had to have the pickle pin for a dollar.

How about a metal ruler? It is 3ft in length and reminds me of the slap bracelets I used to wear as a child. Ah nostalgia.

Wondering why I bought a calendar from 1985?

I bet you aren't now. =)

Thanks for coming with me on this adventure. If I don't post again before the holiday..I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!


  1. Wow! What a find!! Here vintage postcards are going for $2-3 a piece... Enjoy!

  2. I'm jealous of all your cool finds! All of the postcards you picked up were definitely a bargain! This post is making me want to go to a flea market now :)

  3. Awesome finds! Great deal on the postcards. I'd love to go to a flea market like that;)

  4. Really cheap! And nice postcards too. Wish I could have some of them. Really envious of you. :D

  5. You must be like a kid at Christmas,
    playing with all your new toys. What fun and what great deals.

  6. I would be envious of me too...if I wasn't myself!And yes Patty, I am SUCH a kid at Christmas. The last few days have been one exciting adventure after the other. Today will be a day of quiet working though. Perhaps I will send out some of the lovely cards I picked up. =)

  7. Oh my how lovely and really do love the fountain pen card WOW !!!!

  8. Since Grove City is a trip your willing to make, do ever go to Rogers Ohio flea market?
    I don't live far from Grove City!
    nice postcards, you did good on that trip.

  9. P.S. I got your postcard, thanks!

  10. Jill- I haven't been to Rogers yet. But we both have vacation time at the end of the month...and I am doing my best to convince Brad that we should go. He is such a good flea market buddy. =)

  11. I am so jealous of your haul. That is amazing!!!! I love the pickle pin too. I couldn't pronounce the word pickle when I was little and would call them tickles. So obviously when I asked for a tickle (instead of the desired pickle) I was always given one.