Friday, July 1, 2011

National Postage Stamp Day

Now, before you get too excited and start surfing the web..I found very few links referencing this. And one of them even mentions that today (NPSD) is not a national holiday...more of a day that only really means something to Philatelists. But regardless I found two links that talk about it..and that was enough for me.

Though it does make me wonder why we dont have a national Postage Stamp holiday. Seems awfully silly. I mean..before we were able to send electronic messages and texts, we had to slap a stamp to an envelope and send it on its way. Almost everyone had used one. Though I doubt if those numbers would be the same today. (**note to self...ask teachers to take an informal poll next year**)

Well, in honor of National Postage Stamp Day (the non-holiday) I shall talk to you about...peanuts. Nope, just joshin' I am going to talk about stamps. =)

Did you know that you can send secret messages by just changing the orientation of your postage stamps? you do! I first learned of this years ago when my mother instructed me to flip the stamps upside down to show love. Now that I have gotten older..I realized that my mother's original instructions might have a different meaning.

According to the Philatelic Database an upside down stamp in the top right corner means...Write no More. Which of course is NOT my meaning. Which got me wondering...are there multiple languages with stamps? And sure enough there are.

Now, if anyone is interested...this is a diagram of the language that I follow. (Not that I use it a whole lot...but occasionally on special postcards or letters I do).

Pretty neat huh? So tell me...have you known (or used) the language of stamps before?

**Another interesting article is written here**


  1. Did you design the card? If you did it is really cool!

  2. Happy National Postage Stamp Day!! ...but I wanted to hear more about peanuts! ;) I've never heard of the different meanings of postage orientation, but I can see the need for the discreet messages used back in the day.

  3. Wow! I read a mystery once about spies positioning stamps to convey messages, and hiding things under stamps. How interesting. Live and learn.

    I learned something about myself as well. I realized I'm still a fuss budget when it comes to positioning stamps. Yesterday the postal clerk slapped on additional postage to an envelope for me. She did a sloppy job. I brought it home to mail the next day, since I wanted a letter to arrive before the larger envelope. I slowly peeled off the stamps and repositioned them nice and neat. :) I am not a Sloppy Joe (Josephine).

    Thank you Misty. I like that card. Are they for sale?

  4. Hi ladies!! I wish I could say that I made that card, as it is beautiful. I also wish that I could say that you would be able to find a cheap one to add to your collection...but alas I have only been able to find some vintage ones on Ebay. And they are right around $15 a card.

    Here is the link for the results I found for this card:

    I am headed to the flea market tomorrow...if I find any I will be sure to snatch them up!!