Thursday, July 21, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 4

Day four of the stamp preview for 2012 shows us another installment in one of the longest running commemorative series that the USPS has to offer. The Black Heritage stamps series was started in 1978 and has released a stamp every year since. These stamps honor many famous African Americans and this year the committee chose Mr. John H. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson is most famous for starting a publishing company (Johnson Publishing Company) which publishes magazines such as Jet and Ebony. He was also the first African American to be listed on Forbes 400 list in 1982.

One of the most famous decisions Johnson made was to publish the photos of Emmett Till's body laying in the casket after being brutally attacked by white men.

Now photos of this can be found online, however, I chose not to link directly to one. I have looked at it and remain appalled by the ignorance of men.

So far the stamps of 2012 are looking great! I already want to purchase each and everyone! Which is your favorite so far?

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