Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun Mails!!!

It's almost too hot to think today, but I thought it would be the perfect day to share some of my "fun" mail that I received lately.

The first is this GIANT pair of goofy glasses from Kelly P.! How funny is this? Would you like to know something even funnier? I had a pair that I picked up at Target that I was saving to mail to someone. ( I did actually mail my pair today to someone who needed a pick me up. =) )

Next was this lovely package from Limner Cade. I honestly, no lie stared at the package a good 10 minutes before even attempting to open it. I just didn't want to ruin the wrapping. (and I didnt.) Once I got it opened though I found....

How cute is that fish?!?! I wish it would photograph better (but the flash distorts it) because that picture SOOOO does not do it justice. I haven't named it yet. Though I am going to. I am also going to do as Limner suggested and attach a bit of string to the back to hang it.

If either of you are reading this...THANK YOU!! Such wonderful gifts to find waiting in my mailbox.

I love fun mail! Have you gotten anything fun in the mail recently?


  1. Am so happy it made it, and you like it. I thought I'd hate sewing sequins because I've never been good at sitting for long spells, doing things like that, but it was actually relaxing. I never thought I'd be able to part with one of my little fish creations, but it's getting easier. Misty, that one had my name on it. I think it's better off with you. :) Thank you, my friend.

  2. The sunglasses are way too much fun!

  3. Fantastic mail, you are really getting some wonderful, creative things to add to your growing collection from friends everywhere. xox Corrine

  4. I really had fun reading this post! Great job! :)

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  5. Hiya neighbor :]

    Did you get my letter? I promise I won't bug you every time, I just had slight concerns about this one! I made the envelope myself and had fears that the glue would stop working for some reason, mid voyage. It was also bursting at the seams and I weighed it, well within regs, I just want to make sure it made the trip!

    Now, be 100% brutally honest. Obviously it was long because its the fun getting to know you better stuff, but in general, what length letters do you prefer? I like anything, I LOVE learning about others, I just know that with some people, after one page they kind of shut down and they're bored. Whatever kind of correspondence girl you are, I will gladly celebrate that :] Just wanna know what style you like to keep your mailbox well fed!

    Talk to you soon! :]

  6. Hello Ms Ashley! I did indeed get your letter...yesterday I think. I read it and digested it. I have TONS to write back. As for length, I don't really have a regular length for letters. Usually I just write until I have nothing to say and then end it. Unless I am busy then I may just write the bare minimum (usually as much as they did) and then end it. So please don't worry about it. I will gladly read and respond to anything. =)

  7. Those sunglasses from Kelly P are great -- she is very talented at mail art. A plate just arrived for me from her today--I burst out laughing when I saw it sitting on my front steps complete with stamps and a letters written in a circle.

  8. Yesterday, oh man! From now on I'll drive it straight to the post office. I put it in my mailbox to be sent on Wednesday morning. I swear sometimes the mail lady drives her frieken truck home without taking the mail back to be sent. I could drive it to you 10000x in that amount of time haha.

    I'm the same way with letters, I love any and all mail. I just know some people zone out after a few paragraphs haha.

    Have fun with your mail and thanks for the awesome blog. So happy I found it! All these great blogs inspire me so much and make me want to start one of my own. Around the same time I found you I stumbled across Limners blog too; imagine my surprise to see you two knew each other! Hi Limner Lady, I've been admiring your blogs from afar too!! :] I'm a bit intimidated by all of the talent.