Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Catch Up!

Is it as hot there as it feels here?? Cause it feels miserable. Oh well, I am a tough gal.

So how about some roundup on a few pieces of mail that came in during the week?

First was a piece of mail that Carter received from Limner. Those two are such wonderful mail pals (and I enjoy her mail as well). You cannot really see in that picture, but she sent him a transformer. Bumblebee to be exact. He took it home or else I would photograph it for you. It truly was the cutest thing.

Next was a letter I got from Ms. Chewy Tulip herself. How could you not have a smile on your face when pulling something like that out of the mailbox? Love it!

And of course what would a week be without some lovely mail from Limner for myself? The envelope is actually like origami! How cool is that?? Pretty neat if you ask me. =)

Well, that is just a few things I have gotten in the last week. But much more needs to be responded to. So I shall leave you with one final picture.

Such a nice gift from nature!!


  1. YOU!!!! You little spoiler you!!! What the heck am I gonna do with you, never knowing if my mailbox will be safe from your spoiling ways!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!

    Seriously, I've been bursting at the seams to come on and thank you and tell you how much you surprised me! We were gone most of the weekend and this is the first second I could get on to thank you. I still can't believe it!

    We were getting ready to leave yesterday and I *thought* Chris was in the garage starting his car. He comes in a minute later and screams "Close your eyes, you are NEVER gonna believe what I just found in the mailbox!!!!" He just kept saying he couldn't believe it, and I had to close my eyes. Randomly I said "is it a rubber duck? and if it is you better march your butt back out to the mailbox so I can get the surprise for myself and see what it looked like in there!!!", knowing that you sneakily send them to people, but NEVER expecting it would be one (I just thought of the most extreme thing it could possibly be.) Chris was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Why would you pick that out of all things it could be?! How did you guess?!" And then...he presented me with his findings and I just about fell over!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried, I couldn't believe that me, of ALL people would ever be so lucky! You sure like shocking peoples pants off!

    We were down in North Canton since then hanging out with some friends and I've been telling everyone I talk to about it. I feel so special. I'll have to find a way to get you some pictures of him on the last leg of his journey and of him relaxing in his new home. He's doing his own little quirky things to help us find out what he "is" in terms of a name, so I can't wait to update you with that!


    and sorry for being a comment stealer again. I can't help myself!!!

    P.S. BLACK CAPS?! We've been talking about going home (to NY) for the weekend to pick black caps because we haven't been able to find them wild here. We were starting to think they didn't exist! You just gave me a new found hope!

  2. okay are black caps the same as blackberries ? if so be careful of snakes, snakes loves berries . Hah , you would think after living all those years in florida I would have gotten over my fear of snakes not on your life un no way ..

  3. And I thought they looked like mulberries, which I love and haven't had in years.

  4. Ashley- You are quite the comment stealer, but oh how I love to read them. =) I am glad the duck made it ok..and trust me..I have many more tricks up my sleeve...

    And yes, black caps, or blackberries (as we seem to call them around here) can be found, but they aren't as easy to find as they used to be. Those ones were picked in my own yard actually. I have been able to find them on some hiking trails just depends on the location. More rural areas are the best. Have you ever been out to Amish Country? They probably have them somewhere.

    Geneva isn't too far from you and there is a "pick your own fruit" farm there called Spring Hill Orchards and Farm Market (thank you google). They list that they have blackberries for people to pick. You may try to call them and see. =)

    Phonelady- I believe black caps are another name for blackberries. I am so used to seeing snakes that I don't even notice them anymore. Haha...unless they look different than the average snake.

    Maria- Those look like smaller versions of Mulberries don't they? Well, I have some of those in my yard as well, but they aren't ripe just yet. I will have to snap a few pics to show you.

  5. LOL! I like Ashley's enthusiasm. :) It's genuine. The real deal. I've read the post and comments and am still laughing. How sweet is she? You did a good thing sending her that giant duck, but you already know that, huh? :D

    Black caps. That's a first for me. We call them blackberries, too, and we had mulberries every year at our old house. There were so many I used to spread a sheet under the tree to catch the ones that fell. The birds always got to them before me, so I never had enough to make jam or wine. I loved to stand beneath a bough and eat ripe berries. What a great memory Misty. Your posts are good for anyone's spirit. :)

    Aww, and Carter the Great! How cute is he??? He's not a member of the Gap Band yet? :D He looks so adorable! And he has Bumblebee! Thanks for the photograph. Tell him Limner said "Hey!"

    It's past my bed time, or I'd say more. It's almost time for JC to get up and start his morning. I'm sneaking off to bed before he does. Goodnight!

  6. Limner- Carter hasn't stopped playing with bumblebee since he got him. He loves it! I will certainly tell him you said hello. And thank you as always for you wonderful comments, they certainly bring smiles to my face. =)