Friday, July 29, 2011

2012 Stamp Program: Day 8

After taking 2 days off to discuss the Owney and Merchant Ship stamps, the USPS is back to previewing next years stamps. This stamp may look familiar to most because it is the companion stamp to the one below that released this year.

This stamp makes me smile for multiple reasons. First, is that I am all about equality. Second, because I really like hiking! And third...because I once was a Girl Scout. (Though my scouting experiences were um...lacking in the nature department.)

This stamp was illustrated by Craig Frazier. If you click his name you can see some of the other stamps he has worked on, including the scouting stamp that was released previously.

On a completely unrelated note, Brad and I had an adventure today! BUT...I will be sharing that tomorrow when there is no stamps to talk about. So keep your eyes on the post. I guarantee that you will not want to miss some of the pics I have to show you! =)


  1. Hi Misty!
    I was almost certain that I saw on your blog a photograph of a grasshopper on a Blackeyed Susan... was that your photo? If it was, I would like to ask if I may use the idea for my next artistamp... to go with the coneflower artistamp. If it is not your photo, do you remember seeing the photo on some other blog? Thanks for your help! Elle

  2. Hi Elle! That picture is mine. I took it right in from of my house actually. Here is the link to the post that featured them.

    If you need a copy of the picture emailed to you, I would be happy to do that as well. Just let me know. =)


  3. Thanks so much Misty! I've already drawn up the initial image, I just wanted to make sure you wouldn't mind me using the ispiration I got from your photo. As soon as I saw it the light came on in my head..."Oh! The coneflower stamp will be one of a four stamp set...a cone flower with a monarch, a black eyed susan with a grasshopper and ..." Thanks for the idea and the offer to use your photo as a source. Your a peach! As soon as I get it done I will send you a copy. See Ya!

  4. You are most welcome! I am glad that my picture inspires someone. I actually have it set as the backdrop of my computer. Haha.

  5. How neat. Kudos Misty. And because of you, I bought a pane of scout stamps. I didn't know they existed until you told us. Nephew is an Eagle Scout. I haven't even shown them to him.

    The stamp goes well with almost all of my stationery. :)