Monday, July 18, 2011

United States 2012 Stamp Program

Since I started really mailing things (I have been mailing things since forever, but never as much as now) I have become more fascinated with stamps themselves. And really who hasn't? I mean there is so much effort that goes into making postage stamps (this would be an awesome topic in and of itself wouldn't it?) and not many people take the time to look at them. that I am a postage stamp fanatic I keep up to date on all the news surrounding the stamp releases. I read about the artists that take the time to create such masterpieces. I even have a poster on my bedroom wall that shows all the stamps releasing this year. And I try to buy the new ones when they come out.

Now after that SUPER long beginning lets get down to business. The 2012 stamp program is releasing previews of some stamps that will be released next year. One stamp for each day. You can find this information in various places (Facebook, Twitter and Beyond the Perf)...OR you could just tune in here for a quick overview.

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