Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini Mail

Look what I pulled from the mailbox today:

Miss Limner mailed me this beauty. Though it came postage due (which didnt bother me at all cause it is cool enough to pay for). I should have taken a photo of the envelope my mail lady Gwen left for me to put the money in. It was different. The last time I had something postage due she didnt leave me an envelope.

You can see the size as it lays next to one of my many library cards. Strange fact about me..I collect library cards. Some libraries I just go and get the card, though others I actually have active accounts with. In fact in my wallet...I probably have at least 6 active library cards (that I can think of off the top of my head).

I collect other things as well..but they aren't as easy to guess based on knowing me. If you can guess one I will gladly send you something fun!


  1. Since you said your other collections aren't as obvious, I don't feel at a disadvantage not knowing you. (I just recently found your blog, which I think is great, by the way.) So I'm guessing you collect hats. Could I be right, I wonder?

  2. Movie Ticket stubs.
    Living Dead dolls - literary inclined.
    shot glasses of your travels.

  3. I do indeed think you might collect fountain pens or possibly bookmarks ? Am I right ?

  4. Connie- While I do collect Hard Rock T-shirts...and that has moved into hats. I do not collect just any old hats. But that was a good guess. I enjoy wearing beanie caps in the fall and winter (but I usually make those myself).

    Anonymous- I have some ticket stubs, but not from movies. Brad and I do not really go and see any so they are hard to come by. I have hockey tickets and maps of all the hiking trails we have been on though.

    Ms. Phonelady- I actually don't collect either of those! I was tempted to collect bookmarks, but they are just so much more expensive than they should be (in my opinion). And I actually just bought my first fountain pen the other day. Needless to say, I am not really a fan as they are meant more for cursive writing and I normally print. But both were very good guesses.

    Perhaps I will do a post about my collections in the next few days. =)

  5. Used books! Used book covers? Um . . . old limners? Or handkerchiefs?

    Wow. That envelope sure looks small from here. LOL. How can the post office collect 20 cents. It's not like it's going to break them. :)

    How did you pay her? In all my years, I have never had postage due on anything. Was trying to buy Disney stamps at two post offices today. It is mind-boggling how many people don't know how to mail a package or in some cases, a letter. Then there was the woman trying to get a passport using a Xerox copy of her driver's license. She kept swearing it was a legit copy of the real deal. Oops. Sorry Misty. I should save this for a blog or something. :D

    Wait. Hiking??? Girl, you are full of surprises. I wish you can hike in Colorado mountains some day. Not during a lightning storm though. I love to hike. Now I'm done.

  6. Keychains? My brother used to have like...200 keychains all hooked together. I haven't met anyone else who collects them. Oh and pens :)

  7. Matchbooks? They used to make commerative matchbooks from restaurants. Menus from your favourite restaurants? Rabbit feet? Used to be something you'd find as a prize at a carnival or faire.

    Hmm... small figurines?

    Foreign currency? or Stamps?

  8. This might be weird, but I'd love to have something delivered to me postage due!

    Just because it never happens, if there's not enough postage, it just dosen't get delivered...