Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Duck, Little Duck

So if you have read this blog for a while...or perhaps you took the time to read back (yeah right) you would have read about the GIANT rubber duck that I send off to Illinois. Well, I finally have a few pics to share with you of the duck (being that I forgot to photograph it before I sent it).

Look at how he fills up Kelly's mailbox!! But how about this shot??

That my friends would be a regular duck sitting in front of the GIANT one I sent. =) He is massive!

And while I was uploading those pics, another little duck decided he would like to travel. So he may just end up in YOUR mailbox. =)


  1. P.S. I read back to the very first entry! As soon as I found you I was intrigued and didn't stop reading until I was finished with the whole thing :)

  2. You do keep the Postal Service entertained! I bet it makes their day!
    jill recycled daze

  3. Too cute, you are testing their limits I see. xox Corrine

  4. Hahaha! I remember the post. Now THAT'S a big rubber ducky! Where did you find it? I bet it's been eating GM corn. LOL.

    Dang! Reminds me of that 16 pound baby born recently. Not only are people becoming obese, so are the toys.

    BTW, I have read every one of your posts. You do a great job, girl. For real.

  5. Ashley- Thank you for taking the time to read the backlog! That is awesome! I do that too when I find a blog I like...unless they have been blogging for like 4 or 5 years..then I maybe only read half. haha

    Jill- I try to keep them entertained. What could be better than putting a smile on their faces? Other than perhaps making the recipient smile as well.

    Corrine- Why not test the limits...I want to find the boundaries of the postal service. And in the process I am making such wonderful pen friends. =)

    Limner- It does not shock me at all that you have read all my posts. And I thank you so very much for taking the time. Just a quick note to let you know, Carter got his mail today. He LOVED it! I will be posting a pic in the next post. =)

  6. Yeah! Hope it arrived undamaged. Tape wouldn't stick well to the plastic so I had to send it in a semi-conventional way.

    I'm going to get one and my hero, Optimus Prime. I'll share my secret collection one day or just give everything away.

    Reading your blog is my pleasure. :)

  7. Oh my that is a giant duck and I have sent a letter off to you . You should get in a few days . BTW Love the ducks !!!