Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zombie Library

Wanna know what I have been up to this evening instead of posting...or writing a letter??

Superhero is hosting a Zombie Book Project on the International Union of Mail Artist's website. If you are interested in joining the project (there are spots left as of right now), all you have to do is click here, read the instructions and join!

More letters going out tomorrow (I wrote them earlier) and more to come this weekend as well.


  1. Oh my dear that is such a neat card . Zombie library is so cool and I cannot believe they are ending our space shuttle program that sucks !!!! I think it is a disgrace to our late President Kennedy .

  2. I may have to check it out. I grew up in Evans City PA..still live in the area. Night of the Living Dead was filmed there. They have a zombie weekend evey fall, it draws people from all over. I have to say I'm not a zobie fan so i hope i can go in a not so literal direction.