Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Postcard Hunt of 2011!

What better thing to do one National Postage Stamp Day than search out postcards? Well, I suppose I could have sought postage stamps...(which I did!)...but alas, I was in need of some good cards to send.

Brad and I started the journey in Chagrin Falls, OH. Chagrin is a quaint little town that is so absolutely picturesque that I told Brad, "Movies should be filmed here." And I meant it! This shoddy cell phone picture from the car window simply doesn't do the town justice.

We first went into a little giftshop called Chagrin Cards and Gifts, if you get a chance check out their website. They basically sell everything known to man! What more would you need? They have rows and rows of traditional cards, then a whole wall of stationery items (including a wax sealing kit), fresh cut flowers AND postcards! There now..there were lots of other things as well, but obviously if I took the time to list it all..I would pass out on the keys as it is already past my bedtime. =)

I didn't take any photos inside..cause I was too excited about the postcards to even think to do it. I also just feel a bit awkward about snapping photos in a store. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get over that? They had a full rack of postcards each were 60 cents (a bit pricey, but when you cannot find them anywhere you pay what you have to). I picked up a few that I knew I wouldn't be able to find elsewhere (mostly cards that said Chagrin Falls on them) and we decided to move on. This was a good move cause I could hear the stationery calling my name!

Our next stop was a bookstore called Fireside Book shop. It was a nice little bookstore that carried a bit of everything you would want in a book shop. Though the best part to me was that they carried TONS of journals! I mean, literally any journal you could want, you could find it there. Then I found stickers that are supposed to be used to jazz up your mail. They were shaped like stamps and had different pictures on them. ( And once again I didn't take a picture of them...I also didnt purchase any because they were a bit pricey.) What I did purchase was a few more postcards (different than the ones from the first stop) and a tin of postcards that are produced by Cavallini.

There were a few sets but we determined that New York was the best! And here is the back:

And finally the cards themselves. There were 18 cards total, two of each design. Which means that you could keep one and send one. Though I plan on sending them all except one of the maps..

Awesome right? They retail for around 10-14 dollars US depending on where you purchase them. I know that Amazon has a BUNCH of different ones. And each set comes in its own tin.

From there we moved on to Cleveland. We decided to visit a store in Tower City That we had shopped in before. Personally I enjoy it because they have postcards 3 for $1. Makes it nice and easy to stock up!

After stocking up on postcards we hit one last store, because it was called a Card store. We figured there might be some POST cards at this store and we were there so why not? Well...we didnt find any postcards but I found this neat pouch to keep some postcards:

And as you can see the postcards fit nicely.

Before leaving Tower City we stopped by the post office to buy some stamps. It was National Stamp Day after all... How would you like your mailbox to look like this??

It was a pretty nice adventure. We ended the night with dinner at a place called P.F. Chang's. Pretty good chinese food and a nicely decorated place..but a little too loud for my taste. I like to be able to think while I eat. =)

Alright, well I shall end this OVERLY long post here. Tomorrow brings an early morning with the possibility of flea marketing! I shall share pictures (If I can remember to take some) of that adventure tomorrow.


  1. Yay! That sounds like really good adventure and the NYC cards are very cool. I love them! I wish I could have some Card stores in my city.

  2. I know!! There are actually no card stores in my city. Haha. Chagrin is around 30 mins away and Cleveland is around an hour. That is why when I see cards...I stock up!

    On an aside..I would be happy to send you a NYC card if you'd like. Let me know in an email . =)

  3. Misty! I don't think I blinked once as I read this post. :D You kept me interested from start to finish. I ooh'd and ah'd as if I were there. LOL! Very good writing. Great descriptive writing. I enjoyed every word.

    Too bad I have to call it a day. Thanks for a delightful nightcap.

  4. Limner- I am glad that you enjoyed this post. I had a lot of fun writing about it. Now if only I could get better about taking pictures of all the places we stopped and saw!! Oh well..I suppose that will come with experience.