Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So many of you offered a guess as to what I collect that I decided to show you a few of my collections. of them.

The first of these collections is

PEZ Dispensers! Now I know that this picture doesn't really do them justice, but like I said...these are only parts of my collection. Those ones there are above one of the windows in my bedroom. I have a collection of around 225. I have actually stopped collecting them because I have no where to really display them. (The window ledge only holds around 40).

Next we have ladies scarves. I really enjoy them and I have somewhere around 50 of them all together. My favorite is actually made by Hermes. And you can see a bit of it here:

I am actually wearing it right now. I have my hair tied up inside of it all piled on my head. I have been thinking of chopping my hair off again. But that is for another post.

The final collection that I will share with you tonight is:

PRESSED PENNIES!! I know, I is pretty juvenile to collect these but luckily Brad indulges me in my childish collection. So far all the pennies shown have been collected while I was with him. In fact, he was nice enough to collect a set of Turnpike pennies when he went to Ann Arbor last fall. Not only that, but we recently bought a few coin tubes to make bringing the pennies and quarters along on our adventures.

Anyone interested in pennies there is actually a website that will tell you where the nearest machines are in your state or country. =)

Anyway, I collect a lot more things, trail maps and pamphlets from places I have been, hotel room cards (blame Brad), Hard Rock T-shirts, stamps, Pen-pals ( haha), and I am sure I have forgotten a few things. But to distract you from that, take a look about this:


  1. OMG. My psychiatrist collects Pez dispensers and has them in his office (#1 Psych as voted by his peers). I just bought one at a vintage store in Milwaukee to give to him. Now the real question is = do you even like Pez?

  2. Haha. Good question!! I actually HATE the candy and until college all the dispensers had a roll in them. Then I gave them to people who enjoyed eating them. But currently none of the small dispensers have candy. The two larger ones (not pictured ) do though.

    Maybe its a psych background thing with collecting
    pez. I had a friend in college who studied psych with me and she also collected them. Haha

  3. Great collections and it sounds like Brad is in on it too. Now what could you maiL in a pez dispenser? xox Corrine

  4. I really would not have guessed you for a pez collection girl . LOVE IT !!!!

  5. Hummmmm.......I see a pressed penny from SF in your future.....

  6. oh DUH! I seem to remember you mentioning Pez dispensers in a previous post! If you need any Hello Kitty ones for your collection I have several duplicates of the same one :)

    Had to mention this while I'm still cracking up and out of breath from it. Just walked out to the mailbox, opened it and I see junk mail in the back and this gorgeous envelope in the front. As I'm saying "OMG ITS SO PRETTY!" and reaching for it, the wind gusts sooo hard and the beautiful envelope goes flying down the road. I stared at it, then in the mailbox and back at the envelope, laughing and trying to figure out what the heck just happened. The second I got it back in my hands I had the death grip on it so it couldn't try anymore funny business! I think you invented a way to make mail send itself! Definitely gave me a good laugh for the day, now I'm off to read about a new friend and get my pens and markers ready to send some mail love back :]

  7. Corrine- I am not sure..I mean the space isnt very big unless you have one of the large pez. BUT...if you wrote on smaller paper you could possibly roll it up and tuck it inside. =)

    Phonelady- Crazy huh? You learn something new about me everyday.

    Pamela- AWESOME! I would love a penny from SF!

    Ashley- I seriously cannot tell you how much your comment made me laugh. You really should start a blog. And if you don't do that I think you should guest blog. Haha. I am glad you liked the envelope. =D

  8. :] YOUR comment made my day. I think about starting a blog constantly, I usually have some crazy story and no one to share it with. And then there are days I feel boring like I would have nothing to share.

    Some reasons I worry about putting things out there:

    -I have a sick sense of humor
    -I'm a a bit of a pervert
    -When I'm not trying to be a lady I have a bit of a potty mouth
    -I'm generally just a weirdo but I think it's fun.

    So... thats either going to intrigue people or scare them!

    It's getting hard to resist though so WHEN (not if!) I start one, you'll know the first day its up. I hope I can entertain you as much as you entertain me (and a bunch of others apparently!)

  9. Ashley- No wonder you like me...I am all of those things you listed! Haha. I try to keep the blog very PG rated just because seems the right thing to do. But when something is really bothering me..well...the sailor speak comes out. Haha.

    BTW- I dont think you are a weirdo..cause if you are..well...then I well...maybe being a weirdo isnt that bad.=)

  10. Well, I'll be switched. Misty, you mean to tell me I am the first old limner in your collection? :) Hope I'm the only one, 'cause then I'd be worth more. ;)

    Hermes? Wow. Lovely scarves. I am duly impressed. I buy scarves with the intention of wearing them. I don't. So I guess I am something of a collector, too. I will give them away some day. I have scarves but don't own an overcoat.

    Never pegged you as a Pez dispenser collector. Then I don't think of anyone as being one either. You never cease to enlighten. :) That, my friend, is what part of what makes you interesting. You'd make a great poker player. Like I play poker. If I did, I'd give myself away no matter what. :D

    Pressed pennies. See? Another thing I knew nothing about. I loved loitering outside the Denver Mint, hoping I made their security camera watchers nervous. The mint was near my favorite art supply store in downtown Denver.

    Misty, you are one interesting woman. Brad has to be the best boyfriend ever. Together, you make a couple to watch. ;)