Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cleveland Garlic Festival

Today Brad and I decided to make the trek up to Cleveland for the annual Garlic Festival. We missed it last year, and it has been on our calendar ever since. We pair our $7 admission and were welcomed by the sight of a giant garlic!
Then I tried the Garlic ice cream because Limner told me I had to. =) Luckily I was able to get a sample. This was the Garlic and roasted peppercorn variety. (the only one with garlic available). I was sooo not a fan. Haha. Brad didn't seem to mind it too much though.
There was some lovely sidewalk art nearby.
Then I stopped and got some garlic fries. They were pretty ok. I wasn't crazy about them..but they weren't terrible either.
We walked around a bit more, but eventually we just decided to leave. There were lots of places to buy garlic at the festival (duh) but there wasn't a whole lot to really do or look at. So we left and went into Tremont to visit a pub called the Treehouse. They serve a Chocolate Guinness shake.
It was ok...though definitely not something I would want to get again. (It wouldn't be worth the price tag at $6. They had neat tables in the Treehouse though.
We sat at one that looked just like that. We got some tater tots to munch on while we drank our drinks..but apparently my picture didn't come out.

After we left we ran to Staples so I could buy stamps..I had a postcard I wanted to mail out. Then I saw there was a guess who spent lots of money on stationery?? (Pics coming in a future post). We finished off with a Best Buy run to look at tablets. Then came on home.

Overall it was a relaxing day. Though I didn't get any letters written. I guess I will need to do that tonight while geeking out watching some more M*A*S*H.

Hope everyone had a very nice Sunday!


  1. I love garic, but have never been to the garlic festival in Gilroy, here in California. We went to a garlic restaurant once and had garlic ice cream for dessert, but after a meal with several courses heavy on garlic, you couldn't even taste the garlic in the ice cream--just tasted like vanilla.

  2. I love garlic too but dont think I have ever heard of a garlic festival LOL !!!I see you suffer from migraines as well as do I . They can really be horible . take care and thanks for the info on the garlic festival .

  3. Bev- I bet if I had more garlic in my system it wouldn't have been too bad. Really I think I would have liked the ice cream without the peppercorn in it. I think it would have tasted like vanilla ice cream with a hint of garlic.

    Phonelady- I do get migraines on occasion. It seems I am getting them more and more as I get older. Though I think it means its time to get my eyes checked...I suspect my prescription has changed. =|