Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Mail Update

I just realized in my cold medicine haze that I haven't posted any of the cool things I have gotten in the mail recently. And by that I mean that I haven't posted anything like that since..oh...before my birthday! So here is goes:

Outgoing mail to one of my lovely followers. =)

Some lovely things from Ashley and Chris. The Pez contraption actually arrived around my birthday. The giant eraser was a response to a football I mailed to Chris. Little do they know something fun is headed their way... =)
A little b-day container from Kelly P.!
Look at all those goodies!!! I am so loved!
That my friends is 3lbs of mail...
And this is also roughly 3 lbs. They are the mail that I have gotten recently that has been responded to. A smaller pile is still waiting for me to write a response.

All in all I have some wonderful pen friends. I thank you all for your lovely words.


  1. Did you do that artwork on the envelope of the mailbox and the tree? It's lovely!

  2. OMG! I fell asleep at the wheel again??? I missed your b'day? :( I had a feeling.

    Well, shucks, there's a remedy for that. Forgive me? That CRS (can't remember stuff) syndrome has me in its clutches. I forgot my cousin Gary's b'day, too. It was Sept 9. I forgot to post some of the mail I drove to the post office yesterday. I can't think well when my head is stuffed. Ok, a stuffed head just makes it worse. :)

    Gotta go wrap. Byeee.

  3. AHHHHH! I feel so special. You have to be pretty cool to get a mention around these parts, I never thought I'd see the day! I told Chris and he was SO proud. (I guess he thinks all of the hemming and hawing he did over having your address and stamp placement perfect actually paid off. He's too cute..and anal about things being perfect.)

    and you are so bad! I'm never gonna stop telling you that. You spoiler. Thank you so much for filling our mailbox with awesome and craziness! I had a very prosperous mail day including but not limited to a package from my mom and the awesome glasses! My mail lady must really wonder about us! Chris just kept looking over it and asking how you did it. He's like a little kid getting mail! (Although I get to check the mail alone so I get all of my squealing and giddiness out of the way so that when he see's it I can just act like "oh yeah..pretty cool huh"...meanwhile I've already lost my voice from screaming in excitement!)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you x infinity!

    P.S. I'm drinking a pumpkin spice tea right now. TRUE

  4. Yep my dear Misty I forgot your bday too . Darn it. I am always forgetting stuff lately .

  5. Missive Maven- That is indeed my black india ink and brush that did the top envelope. I was testing out a design for some Halloween correspondence. It is quite simple to make really and fun to boot!

    Limner- There is no need to apologize for missing my birthday! You send me wonderful things all the time!! In fact yesterday was a total Limner Mail Day! The only things I got were from you. You make me smile more than you can know. So please don't fret over it ok?

    Ashley- I am so glad they arrived!! This might sound awful silly, but I couldn't remember if I had sent you a pair before. I really should keep a better list of the odd mail I send. I promise the next odd thing to come your way I have sent to no one by you! The best part about sending you mail is that I can actually envision you jumping/skipping and shouting about your mail! And that is enough to warm my heart even on my most crummy days.

    Thank you for letting me spoil you. And if you think this has been bad...just wait for Christmas. ;)

  6. The envelope with a tree is so pretty! Lucky who will get it!:)

  7. Got That Swing- They really are simple to do. If you would like, I could make one for you. =)

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you like Panera and if so what is your favorite soup from them?!

  9. That My Lady is a personal question! Haha. I would have to say the Broccoli. Though I am not sure that I have ever tried any of their others. Haha.

  10. :) I love that one too! My favorite is the cream of chicken w/ wild rice and veggies...so thick and amazing. I found the recipe for it, made it and Chris thought it came from Panera. It was the exact one! I had to share my food excitement with someone! (and the recipe if its someones favorite hehe)

  11. Hm..I am definitely going to try that one next time I am there. I usually bug Brad to take me there when it gets really cold. Somehow I cannot bring myself to eat there when it is really warm outside. I am glad to hear that you found a good recipe though!! YAY food!