Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Send a Ball

So..last week sometime (I think it was last week...time seems to slip together...) I decided to mail a nerf-esque football to Ms. Ashley's (if she had a blog..I would link to her..*cough* HINT HINT *cough*) better half. While placing the stamps on the ball I decided to do a quick internet search to see if anyone else had tried this before. Look what I found!

This whole site is dedicated to sending balls through the mail!! How cool is that?

Ok. Now the slightly crazy part..they charge around $20 per ball. For those of you who do not regularly send balls (or other odd objects through the mail) $20 is a bit steep. There is $16 for the ball and $4 for the shipping. can mail a package (the ball would be considered one) that weighs 13 oz for around $3.42. Now that is a little over the weight of a can of soda (which is 12 oz). OH and if you take a look at their picture...they only put three $1 stamps on the ball!

So how about $16 for a ball? I routinely see them in the stores for under $4. So the total cost to send them should be under $10. But I guess that is how the company makes their money right?

So now let me ask you. Would you pay $20 to send a ball to someone or would you just mail one yourself? (In case you are wondering..I would mail it myself..and I may have to soon. So keep an eye on you mailbox..I may surprise you!)


  1. Oh, this just got my devious little creative mind a-buzzing. I would mail one myself.

    I know where to acquire said cheap balls and I know just who needs to receive one! *Rubs hands together in fiendish glee*

  2. I am glad this sparked a bit of imagination!! I like the idea, but I think its silly to pay all that money when it is much cheaper (and more thoughtful) to mail one yourself. Then again...most people do not realize that you can do so.

  3. Oh my you are a devil are you not ? I see you are stiring up trouble again my dear . Really ? mailing balls ? LOL !!!

  4. I always like to stir up trouble! Why not push the limits..the most they can say is no. =)

  5. You can send it yourself, but can you custom print a message (besides handwriting) like they do?
    That's where the extra cost comes into play.