Friday, September 30, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

How about a look at some of the neat things I found yesterday while thrifting?

Who could pass this up?? I used to have one when I was younger..though I am sure mine was all wooden. This one has a plastic top.
Random greetings cards are always good to have, and Postmark Paris is a really cute book!
Can we say mail art supplies??
A whole box of Crayola colored pencils..for 50 cents!! Yes please!
How about a Noel mail box? Who knows this may make a nice gift to someone around Christmas. =)
This Rural Mail Carrier cup was too cool! I still haven't taken the price tag off..but it was only $3.99.
This froggy valentine deliverer was too cute! I am not much on ceramics, but I couldnt pass this up.
And then my mother had to trump me by finding this among the niknaks. Uh. She always finds the coolest stuff. But then again..I am her favorite daughter. (I am also the only one..but thats besides the point).

So tell me..have you gone thrifting lately? If so, have you found any mail related objects?


  1. I actually went to a thrift store today, that I've seen a few weeks ago, but it was closed then. I found a few cards, a rubber stamp set and I bought a few books, to use for mail art, if I'll be able to cut things out of them.

  2. I adore that noel mailbox how do you ever find such great things ? I guess Im going to the wrong thrifts huh?

  3. Misty, you're as good as a professional shopper. :) I read about antique shoppers who manage to find the best items. It's like they have special radar. What's YOUR secret?

    I cannot lie. I have never gone thrift shopping. I am not a true shopper, except when it comes to bookstores. Oh! And art supply stores. Archivers. Aaron Bros. :D

  4. That is a nice haul. So far the best items that I have found up here in Seattle while thrift shopping was a box (big box) of typing paper and then two Kitsune statuettes. I really liked your last item with the postal box.

  5. I'm telling you, I have no clue how I found so many lovely things. I guess I just get lucky! Though I must admit there will be times I go and literally find nothing. It is always so sad.