Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Coming Soon to US Postage Stamps

Living people! The US Postal service removed that rule that stipulated people must be deceased to be featured on postage. Which now brings the question of who would you like to see on the postage stamps. I came across this article in which someone said they would like to see a Lady Gaga stamp. Well...I am sorry..but that would be one of the only stamps I would boycott using. I cannot stand her!!

Anyway, who would you like to see on our postage? (And feel free to argue the Lady Gaga point with me..though don't be shocked if you don't change my mind. haha)


  1. I'm with you. How about people who are making a positive difference in the world?!!! Folks who sacrifice for the greater good. True heroes!

  2. In terms of stamps, yes, it's not the first person that would cross my mind. I usually think of people being honored for scientific discoveries, or for making strides for human rights issues, etc.

    HOWEVER, Lady Gaga is a huge advocate for gay rights. I haven't seen any celebrity really fight for this cause nearly as much as she has, she has a true passion for it.

    Here's my argument for Gaga (and I have a similar one for Ke$ha...mind you these are not people I'm die hard fans of, but after doing my research, I have my opinions.) Normally, people that do crazy stuff for attention, get exactly the opposite from me. However, Lady Gaga was classically trained in music from a very young age (even going to a prestigious college for it) and is highly intelligent. Ke$ha's IQ classifies her as a genius. Yes, they have done some weird stuff (I tend to think Ke$ha is a bit more out there than Gaga), but in this case, they have the knowledge to back their act up. They aren't the flash with out the cash, so to speak. If people are getting attention because they're bat shit crazy, that doesn't last long or take you very far. Having the brains and talent to back up your craziness makes it a little bit more legitimate.

    Another thing about Lady Gaga is her absolute dedication to her art. She was putting herself out there making absolutely no money and doing what she loved for a long time. I've seen interviews where they've showed stats and she didn't start making any money off of her "fame" until about a year ago because she was paying for all of the off the wall crazy ideas she had herself. If she had a dramatic vision for her dancers, band, overall concert experience, etc that needed to be funded, she did it herself. She payed for large parts of her tour out of the money she would have made just to have it be a total experience for her fans. She's absolutely the most outspoken and dedicated celebrity I've seen in terms of breaking down the barriers and having that connection with her fans.

    Again, she isn't my favorite person by any means. It took me a long time to warm up to her because all of a sudden she was everywhere and everyone loved her (usually has the opposite effect on me.) Once I found out about her as a person instead of an entertainer, I had a great new found respect for her. She busts her ass.

    Everyone has their own opinions though and thats what makes people great! I'll hop off my soapbox now. Just figured I'd put a few of these facts out there in case they weren't known. Most times, the media doesn't wanna focus on the good of a person, they just want what will make them the most money from selling a crazy story. Good news never makes the front cover.

  3. I really dislike Lady Gaga. The whole meat dress is incredibly offensive to me despite whatever she has done for gay rights.

    Why not Tori Amos? She has always advocated gay rights and started a charity to help those that have be victims of rape and incest.

    Why not the dog from Frasier or the Monkey from Hangover II? How about a Sea Shepard stamp?

    I read about a soldier in one of ongoing wars that grabbed a grenade and threw it back to save his buddies. He lost his hand. He just received a medal. Now I think he deserves a stamp way more than Lady Gaga.

    Personally I want a Seth Rogan stamp or Ryan Gosling shirtless.

    Ellen Degeneres had a funny skit yesterday where she said the postal carriers should be like Nascar and have corporate sponsorship badges on their outfits. It was pretty funny.

  4. Oh & I do like Ke$ha. I saw one of her first shows when she opened for Mickey Avalon and it was obvious she was sober & very talented. I had no idea who she was and boom! Within 2 months she just exploded on the music scene.

  5. Ashley- You know...somewhere in the back of my mind I knew about Gaga doing things to help the LGBT community..but I swear it gets overshadowed by the odd things she does. I am all for expression, but sometimes she strikes me as trying to hard. Though I am like you in most cases people who are like that aren't someone I would support. But I do think it is great that she helps out with gay rights activism because I think we all should have a right to be who we want without the risk of persecution.

    Catwrangler- A Ryan Gosling shirtless stamp would have too many ladies drooling on the envelopes! I will have to look for the Ellen thing. =)

  6. I would like to see a first ladies series on stamps . starting way back and move forward.

  7. Oh no, where will it end? A souvenir sheet of the cast of the "Jersey Shore"?
    That's why they give "lifetime achievement" awards. Just sayin'.
    Besides they could still print an AIDS AWARENESS stamp without using some flash in the pan two bit celeb for example. I hope cooler heads prevail.
    Where's a Peggy Lee stamp? She at least could sing. And Elizabeth Taylor. She at least had a LIFE. And did something with it.
    Frankly, I think the USPS is grasping at straws in order to increase revenue and I don't think a stamp of Beyonce will solve the problem.

  8. I would also like to see a First Lady Series!!