Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Letter Net

I am always on the look out for new ways to connect with people across the globe. Recently I came across a german site called Letter Net. It is run by the postal service in Germany and is like almost any other penpal site around. With one big exception. To be listed you must first wait for a letter to come from Letternet through the mail with an address code on it. That way they verify your address. Neat, huh?

I signed up and had my address confirmation in a week. The profile is a little odd because you pick pictures to represent certain things.

See what I mean? So we will see how this goes. Two people requested my address today. So hopefully they will write and I will get to see how this all works. Its not like I needed more people to write to..but hey..why not put your name out there?


  1. Is there somewhere to get the page translated into english?

  2. @ Ben Sykes
    The page is also available in English.

    However, I wouldn't recommended the site, even if you paid me :). I like to talk for a bit with my future pen-pals or at least know something about them, but Letternet doesn't give us the chance.

  3. Bev- I use the Google Chrome browser which automatically prompts to translate foreign text on websites. I am not sure how to manage this in the other browers. And like Barbara said, there isn't really any way to talk to people before sending letters. So I guess I will see how it goes and report back. Two people requested my address yesterday.