Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Have You Seen This??

I just watched it today..and let me tell you. It made me laugh. Now that said, I am sad that videos like this even have to be made. I love the postal service, so please don't think otherwise. But how can you not laugh at that girl when she says, "Its like email you can touch!" ?


  1. You know how some people are afraid of clowns? Well, I am frightened by Conan O'Brien. I'm an adult, I'm not mentally ill, I don't do illegal drugs, but he startles me when I see him; my mouth goes dry, and my heart races like I need to run away. I almost burst into tears.

    Having finally confessed, I'm sure my opinions are biased. So, I'll simply say, "Hmm," and leave it at that. :D

  2. I'm about 100 posts behind in commenting but I had to mention this!

    My mouth goes dry and my heart races from EXCITEMENT when I see this man! Funny the different effects he can have on people. I've always had a thing for him and thought he was so sexy in a weird way. Although, I had a thing for Carrot Top for the longest time as well.

    I'll stop now, I'm digging this whole pretty deep!

  3. I cannot believe that Conan does that to you Limner! I find him funny, though I cannot say that I find him sexy like Ms. Ashley does. Haha. And certainly not Carrot Top! What were you thinking??? =P

  4. LOL! Interesting, Ashley. I don't card for House either, the actor, Hugh Laurie. It's his eyes. They remind me of . . . dang! That British actor from The Jabberwocky; the one with the goggly eyes. :D Usually, after I trace my fears to their roots, they have something to do . . . Dang it again! Laurie reminds me of that crazy killer in an old movie. He used to sneak into homes and kill people. I watched that movie totally scared out of my wits, after being told to go to bed. After the mob killed him and left, he got up, turned to face the audience and said something about when you least it expect it, slowly he'll turn, "inch by inch, step by step . . . "

    I wish I knew the reason behind the Conan near-terror, but of course I haven't yet, but try to imagine how ridiculous it feels to be this afraid of a talk show host. :)

    Carrot Top? I have loved him from day one but he does not make my motor race. LOL! He used to be funny, but have you seen him lately? Hmm, come to think of it, he looks a little scary, too, lately. There's just no accounting for taste. :)

    Misty, you make us wonder like Eva Peron. I want to ask: Have I said too much? ;)

    Too funny, you two.

  5. Limner- Your mention of Eva Peron brought back memories of choir! Haha. We sang a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Weber and Don't Cry For Me Argentina was one of the songs we sang. Haha. Funny how the little things can make you remember.

    You know it is funny. I have been sitting here trying to think up an actor that I find attractive..and so far..I am drawing a blank. What gives? Haha. I have a weird thing for Sean Connery, but I would never act on it. It is something with the accent and the comforting face he has. I suppose that would be an odd choice! Haha.

  6. Marty Feldman! The actor's name is Marty Feldman. He always made me laugh.

    I had heat for Sean Connery, too. It was everything about him. Sometimes Daniel Craig churns my butter just a little bit. Mine are all passing fancies, so add Wesley Snipes to the mix. And the guy in Blade II--Donnie Yen. Oh! And Luke Goss, Common, and Albert Einstein, who's not an actor, but still makes my rocket flare. LOL!

    Oh, and Evita? I saw that production in Colorado. I loved it. Patti Lupon was an awesome Eva. My best friend, and fellow art student took me to the theatre for my birthday. I bought the album, and got the CDs.

    Misty, I didn't know you could sing, too. You are some kinda wonderful--a surprise a week. And another thing? That photo of you looks so much like the one of Erin in Paris! I finally figured out what's been nibbling . . . Will save all this for a letter ;)