Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

How about a few thrift store finds from yesterday??

How about some old (mostly) used stamps? I got all these lovelies for 8 bucks. Totally worth it..and I got doubles of they are destined to be earrings!!

How could I pass up that box?? Sure it says Oklahoma, but is pretty neat! And it is the perfect size to keep stamps (shocking I know).

And this beauty was too neat to pass up. The total cost of this and the box was 4 bucks. =)

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful day tomorrow. I will be posting pics from the Garlic Festival tomorrow evening.


  1. Great finds in desk toys! I am lusting in my heart for that pen set. :) Very nice!

  2. Okay, here I go again. I zoomed in on the stamps and lost my unfinished post. I tell you, I need to take a week off to read the manual on my MacPro!

    Anyway . . . I like your cedar box. My mom bought us both one when she, Erin and I were on a road trip and stopped at a little store in Mississippi about 10 years ago. I'll have to share photos of the top some day. Misty you always take me back to good memories.

    Those are great stamps. Einstein, Lincoln . . . I like the handwriting on the envelopes. :)

    Ooh, la! The Garlic Festival! There's a commercial here about a couple at a GF. She's a little put out that everything is made with garlic, including the ice cream. He innocently reminds her that after all, it is the GF. :) Funny, I don't know what they were selling, yet I remember the commercial.

    Do try the garlic ice cream, and tell us about it, lick-by-lick. :) IF they have it.

    Lovely post. Such treasure.

  3. Speck- Believe it or not..I thought of you when I saw it! I think it was you who posted some pictures of desk sets on your blog. I knew it had to be mine for $3.

    Limner- I am glad that my posts and letters inspire good thoughts and memories in you!! That makes this pen thief very happy!