Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Goodness...

Ok, I know that it is a little early to start thinking about Halloween..but lets be real. It is my favorite holiday! I am lucky that I work in the library where we are encouraged to dress up! We host a Trick or Treat twice the week before Halloween (on Tuesday and Wednesday). I participated last year and had so much fun that I decided to dress up again this year. Only this year I will be dressing up as a letter carrier.

I haven't bought the bulk of the costume yet, but I wanted to show you what I decided to make for the kids. =)

They are called Pillow boxes. They are pretty neat and fairly easy to make once you find a template.
Here are some of the tools I used to make it. The stamps are all actual US postage. I found a lot of 100 online for around $4 including the shipping. They have all been postally used, but the cancel is very light. =)
I have cut out 48 of the 100 I plan to make. Still have a bit to make..not to mention putting them together and adding the candy into the mix. But hey, I want to be as accurate as possible.
What are your Halloween plans??


  1. Oh, wow! Original to the max. The kids will love the whole concept. Wish I could be there to set up a little area where they could write a simple postcard, add a stamp, put it in a "mail box" and . . . They should address the postcard to themselves! You'd be teaching a new generation about the fun and importance of mail.

    The local news channel should send a reporter to tape the event, and interview you and some of the children. The post office should do a human interest story. Oh, but I wish I knew someone there. You'd make all the news, and The Today Show, and USA Philatelic, for seconds.

    Misty, you are some kind of talented. :) Shall I send my pumpkin stuffed with goodies as a give-away for your event, instead? My deadline is in 5 days and not a single entry has come my way. I'll take out the adult goodies and replace them with more age appropriate things.

    Thanks for sharing. :D Hope there will be lots of pictures. I'm as excited as if it's going to happen next week, and I'll be one of the kids. LOL!

  2. You make me smile!! I thought this was a great idea! And I also have an idea for Veteran's Day. Last year we held a book drive for troops. We asked the patrons to donate some paperback books (mostly mysteries) and then we have a contact who mailed them off to the troops. This year I am hoping to pair that with a letter/postcard/greetings card drive. Where kids and adults alike could write a message to a soldier and thank them for their service. I am still working on getting it set up, but I think it will be awesome!

    Oh and an entry is in the mail. =) Though I hope that you get many more than just from me!!

    I hope to take a few pics during Halloween. It gets a lil tricky because we have a picture policy at the library. But I am sure some will let me snap a quick pic. =)

  3. That is so cool! Any kid would be so happy to get something like that. How creative! :)

  4. Thanks Marian! I thought the kids would like it. Plus I wanted to give out little packages being that I was dressing as a letter carrier. =)

  5. Love those letter treats. You outdid yourself! Who wouldn't love to get one of those? They're awesome for all ages!!!

  6. Oh those look great :)

    As far as Halloween, I will send some handmade cards to some friends but we don't celebrate it here sadly.

  7. the kids will love these! We bought Eva's costume yesterday. I never buy them but she is doing a Halloween fashion show for a charity. A costume store provides the costumes. You can buy one at a discount if you want. Of course a ten year old wants to buy it. She is the cutest Mad Hatter I've ever seen.

  8. Im sorry am I the only one who does not celebrate Halloween ? we dont give out candy either because our apt complex has told us in a flyer that is forbidden . So guess I will be saving some money this year . I did not give out candy at our last complex either . Im sure the complexs discourage it . Oh well I guess it is a good thing that I dont celebrate halloween huh ?

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Jill- I remember being that age, but my mother always made our costumes growing up because we simply couldnt afford store bought. I remember being highly jealous of the store bought costumes..but looking back. I had the best costumes ever!

    Phonelady- I got your letter today. Your artwork was lovely. =) Brad also lives in a complex that has a "no trick or treat" policy. That one didn't bother me too much..but the "no live christmas tree" policy did.