Friday, September 9, 2011

Last Lake Adventure of Summer

So Tuesday I was off from work. ( I get paid for the holiday because I am considered a state I had to take another day off to offset that because I don't usually work Mondays.) And because I was off I wanted to take a short walk/hike because there was something I needed to retrieve near the lake for an art project.

Well my normal path to the lake is grown I had to take an alternate path...
And so I walked through a corn field. (Now I do not recommend this for anyone who is not familiar with it. One it is pretty easy to get turned around in the field and not realize it. And two, where there is corn fields..there are usually snakes. Haha)

After getting through the cornfield I walked a ways and stopped to snap this picture.

Then I stopped to gather what I needed..and took this picture.
And yes...that is a tattoo on the top of my foot you are seeing there. My other foot has one too, but it is more obscured because I stirred up the silt on the bottom.

Finally I was headed home..because Carter would be getting back off the bus on his first day. I nearly tripped upon this:

Interesting the things you can find if you are paying attention. I find 4 leafed clovers all the time. I don't even bother picking them anymore.

** I was going to post this the night I had my migraine. I hope to be back to mail posts tomorrow. After all I have a few things to show you from a recent trip to a thrift store. =) **

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